"Amazing product. I tried a ton of different natural deodorants, when I became pregnant, to get away from the aluminum in antiperspirant, and this is by far the best deodorant I've found. It works so well, and it smells amazing!" ~Brittany Kerscher, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Long time user of this product it's great, and actually works!" ~James Darcy, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I have used other natural deodorants for about 5 years now which were either irritating, not very effective or unpleasant to apply. This product is great - wish I had found it before. It does not irritate my sensitive skin (I'm using unscented), easy to apply - and it works great! Couldn't be happier with this product." ~Mel, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I ordered the unscented Green Tidings 1 oz. deodorant, and it worked better than my aluminum chlorhydrate brand from the grocery store. Not a bit of scent either, excellent product." ~Stephen W., Verified Amazon Purchase
"I am so happy to have found a natural deodorant that works! I was using [other brand] but it didn't seem to last and I would detect odor after several hours. Green Tidings has a pleasant smell and lasts!!!" ~Barbara R. Johnson, Verified Amazon Purchase
"The ONLY, and I do mean THE ONLY deodorant that I use. I've tried so many out there and none can compare to Green Tidings. I'm fresh and smelling clean all day. Highly recommend." ~Katherine Piehl, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I've tried other deodorants but they didn't last through the day. This one works and smells good too!" ~P. Johnson, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Have tried many all natural deodorants and this one is my favorite! Easy application, smells great, and convenient sizes for travel and in my gym bag!" ~Jenna, Verified Amazon Purchase
"My second time ordering, I love the scent and no chemicals. Lasts all day, it is a deodorant not an anti-perspirant so I do sweat some but doesn't smell. If you want aluminum free then I recommend this product!" ~TJM, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Great deodorant, my wife and I have been using it for two months and have not seen any side effects. We also haven't had any issues with underarm odor." ~SomeOneOrOther, Verified Amazon Purchase
"So far so good! I love that it is all natural and lavender! My husband loves it too!" ~Clare Cassandro, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Wonderful deodorant! I've been using it for 2 weeks now, and it's working just as well as the major deodorant brands. I love that's it's organic, and has none of the harsh chemicals of a regular deodorant, and it smells great! Thank you for this product!" ~Summer VanDeventer, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Winner! I have so much trouble being sensitive to many products including most deodorants. I was willing to try this one: I love it and it lasts me 4 months!" ~Jean England, Verified Amazon Purchase
"The best deodorant I have ever used! It has never irritated my underarms as others have. Lasts at least 24 hours between applications." ~Amazon Customer, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Been using for the past few days and I really like this! It's my first all natural deodorant because I've been going cruelty free and I'm impressed. It is quite thick so it doesn't melt on but it's not impossible to roll on. I'm not a very sweaty person but I do deal with BO and this also doesn't transfer on black clothing so this has been helping two thumbs up!" ~Alex Tran, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I have been using this product for more than 6 months and could not be happier with the results! I am consistently odor free and love that magnesium is an essential ingredient, as well!" ~Amazon Customer, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I have tried over 20 different natural deodorants & this one is by far the best! It actually lasts over 24 hours which is unheard of for natural deodorant." ~Lainee Herbert, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Initial uses of the product met expectations. After longs days, the deodorant still was working!" ~Tom in East Windsor, NJ, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I will keep this in stock going forward. Where have you been all my life? I can use this and not think twice about it." ~Mary M., Verified Amazon Purchase
"This is a great product! I recommend buying the largest one. The container is great. I don't smell when I work out. I just have to apply once a day. So far it's the best all natural deodorant I've found." ~Lisa Allen, Verified Amazon Purchase
"It's nice to finally find a natural deodorant that works!" ~Melinda L, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Effective, with no irritation." ~Bill McG, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I have purchased this deodorant several times now and am very pleased with it! I use it because it is all natural and does not contain aluminum in it which I avoid at all costs. I would recommend this to anyone, and I do!" ~Mom of 2, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I love this deodorant! It's an affordable natural alternative! A little goes a long way! Will most likely be purchasing again once I'm out! :-)" ~Leanna McKinney, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Amazing protection, nice lavender scent, wonderful product!" ~jodi schiffman, Verified Amazon Purchase
"An excellent product, has never failed me in 24 hours or less. All natural and long lasting, how can you go wrong. I would recommend this product to anyone." ~JWCorbett, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Love, love, love this product! I had tried multiple natural deodorants and was never satisfied. I smelled like BO even with applying, baby wiping, and reapplying several times during the day. This product is amazing. I have very sensitive skin and it hasn't caused any allergic reactions and keeps me dry 24 hours with only one application. I can't say enough great things about this deodorant❤️" ~Kristin DeMichele, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Absolutely love this natural deodorant!!! This is the best yet to keep me dry and smelling nice!!!" ~Shel D., Verified Amazon Purchase
"This is the best all-natural deodorant I've ever used. I highly recommend it!" ~Jessica Nagy, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This is the best natural deodorant I have found. It actually works! I love that it uses natural ingredients and it really is unscented." ~Aaron K. Redshaw, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I've been using this product for a couple of years now and, it's AMAZING! Last the entire day and through long work outs too!" ~Mary Sendobry, Verified Amazon Purchase
"My 10 year old daughter and I use this everyday. It works great and smells great (lavender)." ~A&J's Mom, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This stuff works. We tried everything before this. Great product! We don't stink and it works all day. Love it!" ~Amazon Customer, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I get this for my husband. Since switching to a natural deodorant, he's had either allergic reactions or the product doesn't work. This is the best deodorant he's ever used. It works really well, lasts a long time and no harmful side effects. Must try!" ~Joy, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Awesome product. Our whole family uses it. No aluminum and controls odors effectively." ~Dani, Verified Amazon Purchase
"So great! Best natural deodorant I have ever tried!!" ~Stephanie L Hatchell, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I've tried several "natural" deodorants, and this is by far the best. It goes on easy. It stays on. And it works!" ~Clint, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I love this product! It works well and smells wonderful." ~Pamela Hall, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I quit using antiperspirant containing aluminum for health reasons. I tried many natural deodorants. I stopped my search after finishing off my first stick of Green Tidings. It controls odor all day with a pleasant fragrance. Some natural deodorants can cause rashes after using for a while. I had no problems with Green Tidings." ~Deborah Cross, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This is the only deodorant I have ever used that works. I have actually considered having it chemically analyzed! Prior to this, only anti-per spirants containing aluminum have been as effective. I took a 2 hour bike ride today, with sun and temperatures in the 80s, and developed not a trace of body odor. And I am a person who really works up a sweat when I exercise. The lavender scent is very pleasant and the product leaves no marks on my clothes. I am extremely pleased and delighted to have found a deodorant without aluminum that actually works." ~Liz S., Verified Amazon Purchase
"It is the first deodorant that I have found that effectively works for a long period without irritating my under arms. Try it and you will be pleased." ~Boyd O. Roberts, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I'm always looking for a natural product that really works. This one does and it smells really nice." ~Amazon Customer, Verified Amazon Purchase
"The only natural product of its kind I've ever found that actually works." ~Allison Brandt, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I have tried natural deodorants before and this product is excellent! works, it does not stain my clothes and it is by far the best deodorant that I have ever used!" ~Paulina B., Verified Amazon Purchase
"Honestly, I was looking for a antiperspirant and deodorant that didn't have aluminum and I was skeptical because I sweat a lot and it's really hot in the summer. After using this product for a week already, I have to say that I am totally and utterly in disbelief with how amazing this product is. This is the only deodorant I plan to buy from now on! In love!" ~henna, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This is the best deodorant ever! I tried 5 different natural deodorants before this one and none of them worked. I put this on at 5AM before work and head to the gym at 4PM. By the time I get home at 6PM.. I'm still as fresh as could be. Awesome! And it smells great!" ~Amazon Customer, Verified Amazon Purchase
"WOW...this product really works!!! It truly keeps the stink away! And the fact that there are no questionable nasty chemicals in here gives me peace of mind. I'm so glad I finally found a natural deodorant that works!! Love the lavender smell too. I will be re-ordering the larger size." ~deebee, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Very few deodorants work for me... But this one does! I love it! It doesn't leave residue like many other healthy deodorants. Definitely a keeper!" ~MotivatedMama, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Green Tidings just got themselves a regular customer. Great smell and good protection without aluminum. Works better than a lot of other unnatural deodorants (even clinical ones)." ~Anna, Verified Amazon Purchase
"LOVE this product! Works great! Before trying this, I had tried many similar products but this is the ONLY one that has worked. I recommend every chance I get." ~Amazon Customer, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I think this is the third time I have purchased this deodorant... I am very happy with it and so is everyone else around me!" ~Nelson's Grandma, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Amazing! The only deodorant that works in heat and humidity." ~Yale & Annie Kim, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This is an AMAZING all natural deodorant!! Very little to no scent- didn't create a white looking stain on my axilla nor did it leave any trace on my blouse. I had complete protection for 24 hours!!! This is GREAT!! I would recommend it for anyone!!!" ~Believer, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I Love this deodorant !!! I have reordered several times. I work out almost every day and it allows you to sweat but definitely keeps the stink away! I switched from (other brand) to Green Tidings. I would recommend this if you are looking for odor protection in an all natural product." ~Tiffany Crook, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Grateful for a safe product for my children!" ~Lashelle Nix, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Recently discovered that some deodorants that were labeled natural, still had aluminum in it. Found Green Tidings deodorant without aluminum and love it. It works great." ~Alla, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This deodorant is the best natural deodorant I've ever used! I wanted to wait a couple of weeks to see how effective it is and I am so surprised. It has held up incredibly well to the 100 degree Los Angeles summer heat and rigorous workouts at the gym. The scent is fresh and not too overpowering. I'm so happy I found such an effective natural deodorant!" ~Christina Kharbertyan, Verified Amazon Purchase
"The best deodorant I have ever used! I have tried everything....even prescriptions, this is by far the best. It doesn't irritate your skin and leaves you completely odorless!" ~Jennifer Austin, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This product is the only product that I use and will never go back or use any other products." ~Michael Williams, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This product is everything it claims to be and then some. I am very sensitive to "deodorant" and have found ZERO irritation with this product. It smells nice and it keeps me dry all day! It even keeps me good after a softball game or softball practice." ~Luis L., Verified Amazon Purchase
"My family all uses this deodorant and it works! First natural deodorant we have found that actually works." ~Highley G., Verified Amazon Purchase
"A truly exceptional product. I've tried a fair number of all natural deodorants, but this one really works for me." ~Jennifer M, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Better than any deodorant product I have ever used. It has a pleasant, but not overpowering, scent. It was packaged like they really cared about their product, and arrived quickly, as if they cared about their customers. I don't usually leave reviews but when something is this good I couldn't stay silent." ~Tim, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This deodorant works and is truly all-natural. It is absolutely worth the extra dollar or two. All other deodorants that claim to be "all-natural" contain one chemical or another. This deodorant has simple ingredients and it simply works in preventing body odor." ~Zach, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I have a very difficult time finding a good deodorant that works, and I initially ordered the lavender scent. The scent was overpowering, and I didn't feel I could live with the smell. I contacted Green Tidings and they immediately sent me a replacement of the Unscented. It works wonderfully with no problems. Their customer service is excellent and I highly recommend Green Tidings!!" ~Janice Schmidt, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Love this deodorant. I have tried many natural deodorants that just don't work and this one is awesome!" ~Patricia DiPirma, Verified Amazon Purchase
"The best deodorant I have ever tried. Works better than any other deodorant - natural or not, but the fact that it's healthier and works better is a huge plus. Buy it! It's a no brainier!" ~JR, Verified Amazon Purchase
"The first totally reliable natural deodorant I have ever used! The best!!" ~Marjory from Austin, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This is my 2nd purchase of this product. It is the best deodorant I have ever used. It lasts a good 24 hours." ~Nancy L Marschel, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This works wonderfully! I have tried so many different deodorants and this is the only one that doesn't make me stink. It keeps me smelling like lavender even after 2 hours of hot yoga!" ~mitchell486, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Fantastic natural deodorant! I rub it in a bit so it doesn't leave marks on my clothes. My husband loves it too." ~Mary M Shackelford, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Been using Green Tidings for over a year now. Recently did some cleaning and threw away a few different natural deodorants, one was less than 10% used. My experience with natural deodorants has been disappointing over the years that was until I started using Green Tidings. I don't get obnoxious underarm odor anymore, shirts don't have to be washed after one wearing. This stuff truly works and it's worth the extra money you pay to know your not using a product that can do harm to your health. Great natural product that acually works. I highly recommend it!!" ~Mak12, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I have used multiple natural deodorants and this is the best I've tried so far. Besides working on a day-to-day basis with no real exertion to speak of, even after strenuous exercise, I am able to feel confident that I wont clear a room :) Works great, will purchase again and again." ~Jimi B, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I have tried several types of natural deodorants and this has been my favorite. This deodorant stands out because it seems to last longer throughout the day. It also has a nice smell that is not too overpowering." ~Kristen Wagner, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I don't really write reviews blablabla but I feel compelled to do so because this is the only natural chemical-free deodorant I've found that actually freakin' WORKS!!! Thanks Green Tidings I'm a regular customer. Oh and it lasts about a day or day and a half." ~Tom, Verified Amazon Purchase
"For once, an organic deodorant that works. No smell after work out either." ~Steve M., Verified Amazon Purchase
"I am a healthy person who chooses to avoid putting chemicals in my body. I have been through at least 20 all natural deodorants and all did not work until this one. I have been using for close to a year and it still works. You won't be disappointed!" ~Elin, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I was looking for a natural deodorant since regular ones (with chemicals) irritate my skin really bad since my skin is very sensitive. I tried other natural deodorants but they did not help to control the bad odor. Other ones left bad greasy spots on my clothes. I found this Green Tiding All Natural Deodorant and I am very happy to use it every day. My skin is healthy since this deodorant does not irritate my skin, the smell is just wonderful and my clothes does not get ugly greasy spots. This is an Excellent deodorant!!!!" ~Stephany, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Love this. Exactly as advertised, unscented, natural, works great, packs nicely for traveling." ~Shauna Trieb, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Works great without using any of the nasties from the traditional antiperspirants. Love the lavender. They also have amazing customer service!" ~Sunshine Girl, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I've seriously tried every natural deodorant on the market, this is by far the best one out there. The reviews didn't lie!" ~BAB2014, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This deodorant is really great. Apply in the morning and you feel fresh for the whole day. Strongly recommend" ~Sumeyya Husanovic, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This natural deodorant is by far the best and I have tried many. It lasts all day and has a nice scent. I have even purchased the product for friends to try (who were looking for a good deodorant), they rave about it too!" ~M. Gesme, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I really like this stuff. I've been looking more into using natural products and this is my first natural deodorant. I am deployed to the desert and it seems to be keeping my arm pits fresh and dry even in the 100 degree weather." ~Dolemite954, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This stuff is amazing. At first I used it every day but after a while, but after regular use every day, I noticed that I didn't have to use it every day. I could use it every 2 or 3 days. To me, that's fantastic! I have always had to use deodorant every day. I'm so glad I found this stuff!!" ~M. Tom, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I am a big 200 pound guy that works 12 hours in a finance office, and this stuff works. Very happy with purchase :)" ~Ryan Coleman, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Best deodorant I have ever used, natural or not! Completely stink free since I started using this once a day (lavender scented). I was concerned about the cost, but I still have more left in the larger sized tube after almost 2 months--excellent product! And not a bit of irritation even right after shaving. Love love love" ~Patricia A Montgomery, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I've spent way too much money on natural deodorant that just doesn't work, gave me rashes or stopped working after working for awhile. This just works! I ordered the small container first to see if it would work or not, the next time I'll be ordering the larger size." ~BR, Verified Amazon Purchase
"The product is excellent! I chose to switch to an aluminum-free deodorant after using an antiperspirant for over thirty years. I was a little worried about switching over but have not had any problems. No perspiration yet, and still odor free. This is a healthier alternative to aluminum based products." ~E. Moore, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I'm a guy that works out regularly and this product has been working. I was skeptical. I've used *other brand* before and it couldn't hold up for a full day. There is a reason why Green Tidings all natural deodorant has thousands of strong reviews." ~Everton, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Best natural deodorant I've ever used. I used to use *other brand* deodorant but the cost was too much and the Green Tidings works better anyways. After using it for the first couple weeks, I started perspiring less and the deodorant keeps me smelling good all day long. Love the stuff and I'm not turning back." ~Lettuce323, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I can't believe this actually works! I've attempted natural deodorant in the past. They either completely didn't work and I would end up stinky or the deodorant itself was super sticky. I've been using this for about two months. I've made it all day without having to reapply. I do reapply before I workout. Still no stink!" ~Jessica, Verified Amazon Purchase
"In love with this product!! My whole family and friends have switched over! Really lasts all day and I'll never go looking for deodorant again!!" ~Katherine Bertolotti, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This is the ONLY deodorant that has EVER worked for me in my almost 43 years! I can work out twice and not shower for a day (I did that to test it while laid off) and was shocked it worked! I sure hope your business is booming as I would cry if it didn't stick around." ~Wendy Thomas, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I am trying to switch all products I use to as natural as I can possibly get in this day and age. I was skeptical about the product but with all the great reviews I decided to try it. So glad I did! It works better than the expensive deodorants in the market place that are not good for you. Over-the-top pleased with this product. My wife and I both use it now." ~Kevin T, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I rarely do reviews, but I love this deodorant and want to make sure this company succeeds! I have tried many natural deodorants, but most of them either don't work and/or have a funky smell. Green Tidings actually works, keeping me odor free throughout the day. Couldn't ask for more." ~J C Harris, Verified Amazon Purchase
"One of the best organic deodorants I've been able to find. Still sweat but keeps me pretty cool, dry and smelling great." ~Lauren G O'Rourke, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Greatest natural deodorant ever!!! I've tried clinical strength antiperspirants that still allow odor to develop at end of day. Most natural deodorants are useless by midday. This is the only deodorant that actually works! The unscented extra strength is awesome. No smell whatsoever. Totally in love with the product and have been telling everyone about it." ~Nikki Greusard, Verified Amazon Purchase
"There is Alzheimer's in my family--along with a plethora of other diseases. I think aluminum is horrible for us, but really had a tough time finding an aluminum free deodorant that I liked and wasn't too expensive. This stuff is great--great lavender fragrance and it works well. The best part is that there is nothing harmful in this product. A lot of "natural' deodorants say they are aluminum free, but they are not. It is so important to read labels! I will definitely buy this again!" ~Karen, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This is the first deodorant that has ever worked for me in every way possible. No bodily odor. Check. No fragrance. Check. No sticky sensation. Check. Lasts all day. Check. Most importantly, no itching! I'm amazed at how well this works. And no I am not even writing this review for a discount. These guys have a customer in me for life." ~Monsieur, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Love this product! This is my first time going natural, used *other brand* for years with a high aluminum content. I was hesitant at first because I am very active (spin classes, jogger, yoga). I like how this product is in a stick form, especially since that is what I was use to using. I put a generous amount on and I am impressed that I can go a full day, or full exercise activity wearing just this product. Love the scent too! I now plan to buy this for my teenage daughter. So glad I found something on my first attempt to going natural!" ~Michelle Keyes, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I wanted to let you know I have tried the product again with a very minimal application and it has worked much better. There is definitely a point where too much stains the shirts and finding that balance is key. I thought I would let you know - less is more with this product." ~Jeff Hammill, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Having been using (other brand) and (other brand) deodorant, I was having to put them on a couple times a day as they were ineffective, I can't believe I discovered Green Tidings, seriously the BEST deodorant hands down, I though I was going to have to go back to using the (chemical brand) with nasty ingredients, but this actually works BETTER!!!!!!!" ~Dr. Zach G., Verified Amazon Purchase
"I have given this product 5 stars because I am well pleased with it. Finally an aluminum free deodorant that really works. I was treated for breast cancer 2 years ago and have tried several natural deodorants and this is the only one that has worked for me....never have to reapply during the day. I will definitely continue to order. I participate in a couple of breast cancer support groups and I am spreading the word about your product. Thank you!" ~Angie Jackson, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I just want you to know I am VERY impressed with the Green Tidings all natural deodorant 😊 I have tried everything out there. Nothing works as great as this product does. I work in a weld facility that is hot and busy. We have to wear special uniforms. This product lasts all day. Thanks my daughter and I will be life long customers. Thanks Jenifer" ~Jenifer Bailey, Green Tidings Customer
"I have tried a number of natural deodorants. As an active runner and cyclist I needed one that worked well, as I sweat often and a lot. This deodorant fits the bill, I am not stinky and am not dosing myself with harmful chemicals- it's a win/ win." ~I Tri, Verified Amazon Purchase
"After trying many natural deodorants I found the reviews for Green Tidings impressive. I'm decided to try this item and couldn't be happier. Great product delivers exactly what it claims. Highly recommended!" ~A. Naami, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This is my first time writing a review of any product that I've ever purchased. I'm only writing this, because I'm so thrilled with this product. This stuff works great for me, as well as smells fantastic. I'd love to support this company, and this will absolutely be my new deodorant moving forward. Great option for those looking for an all natural option!" ~Amazon Customer, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I don't usually take the time to write reviews, but this deodorant is amazing. I've tried a bunch of other natural deodorants, and none of them really worked. I'm an active man, work out frequently, spin class, active job, etc…. And Green Tidings always keeps me fresh. Seriously, I can go an entire day and no B.O. I'm sure everybody's body chemistry is different, but I highly recommend trying Green Tidings." ~T. Oliver, Verified Amazon Purchase
"l stopped using antiperspirants when I heard about the harm they could cause. I searched for a natural deodorant for quite some time before finding Green Tidings. I love the lavender and finally don't have to continuously apply. This lasts me all day and I know I'm not filling my body with chemicals harmful to me and my babies." ~Tabitha Manning, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I am absolutely in love with this product! It works!" ~Justin Spiva, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I have tried so many different all natural deodorants and am delighted to say that this is THE BEST one and THE ONLY ONE to actually work. I apply this deodorant once in the morning and never smell, even after I exercise. Love it! Would highly recommend!" ~Sasha, Verified Amazon Purchase
"In the past I have had a hard time finding an antiperspirant or deodorant that works to get rid of body odor effectively for me. And since my dad has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's I wanted to avoid aluminum in antiperspirant. So, I purchased five deodorants I had not tried before in hopes of finding one that would work for me. This product was by far the best. It goes on smelling terrific and I had no odor problems even through exercising and on into the evening. Really terrific!!" ~Christine, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This is the only all-natural deodorant that actually works for my family. We have re-ordered twice now. GREAT product!" ~Patra E. Herfi, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This is the first review I've ever written on any product, so trust me on this! I am concerned about the use of chemicals in my deodorant, particularly aluminum but I've never had any luck with other 'natural' deodorants. I always thought it was because they weren't anti-perspirants. Now that I've tried Green Tidings I realize it's just been inferior products. This deodorant works better than any I've used before. No smell/no sweat! Seriously! Hopefully this will continue... Others seem to lose effectiveness over time." ~Susan Adams, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This product is wonderful, it works all day the scent is subtle." ~Eric Hewitt, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I am not normally 100% satisfied with products, but with this one I am. This deodorant is the real deal puts off a great scent that isn't excessive." ~amerikenny, Verified Amazon Purchase
"It works better for me than clinical strength deodorant. No smell at all and minimal sweating but since it has no odor it isn't bad at all. Will definitely buy again." ~Madison Tucker, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I don't usually leave reviews, but this is worth one. I have been using the unscented version for a couple weeks now. Simply put, it is amazing. Simple ingredients that do a fantastic job of keeping underarm smell away all day. So good of a job that I was pretty stunned by it. My wife loves it too. After trying so many big brand deodorants over the years it is nice to finally find a product that works, a huge bonus that it is a natural one. Sure makes you wonder why these companies try to come up with all these chemical concoctions when something this simple works worlds better. The product goes on well. I use two swipes. I have noticed no clothing staining. I will be a repeat buyer." ~Chris, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I've been using this now for a week. I am amazed. No body odor after 12 hour days, no residue on my clothes, no weird smell from chemicals or perfumes. I love it." ~C. Hogarth, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Best deodorant I've ever used. When I'm sweating in my spin class all I smell is the wonderful lavender smell. It really lasts all day!" ~Rachel Mejia, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This is the ONLY all natural deodorant I have tried that actually works! It goes on smoothly, doesn't feel sticky and lasts all day. The second time I tried it, I had a fairly stressful day at work and then went to a Zumba class. I was amazed! No body odor despite so much sweating. Thank you, Green Tidings, for making a great product that really does work!!" ~Melanie Derzhavets, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I love it so much I bought a six month supply :) excelent item! Very happy with it! I am a guy and bought the Lavender scent. Its a very earthly smell...very nice. It is not sweet as you might think. Get it! I had no rash or strange reaction to the product ( and i have a sensitive skin) Get it! :)" ~Alberto, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I've been bugging my husband for years to switch to a natural safe deodorant. Every time I bought one it just didn't work on him. Finally he bought about 7 different kinds to try and out of all of them Green Tidings worked and worked excellent!! Im so happy that it keeps my sweaty and very hairy pitted husband smelling great all day and so is he. He orders two at time so he won't run out." ~Lauren Elhajj, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This deodorant is absolutely amazing! No burning, stinging, and no odor! I won't use anything else now!" ~Michele Schneider, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Can't begin to say how much I LOVE this deodorant. Until Green Tidings, I HAD to use *other chemical brand* or such because nothing else kept my stink at bay. This product WORKS and works well. Got my 14 year old son using this and he plays hard at stinky boy when he gets home. We are big fans in this house." ~Livenjoy, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This stuff is the bomb! It really works. All you breast cancer patients who are looking for some new anti-perspirant, this is it. It doesn't say that it's an anti-perspirant, but it really keeps you dry." ~Irish Tom, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I'm so pleased with the effectiveness of this product. I wasn't hopeful, because I've tried many natural deodorant products before. Wow! Was I surprised. This has a pleasant smell, lasts ALL day, and was less expensive than the ones my health food store carries that don't work." ~B. Zimmerman, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Have tried many other "natural" deodorants and usually have a problem with how well it works or how good it smells. For me, natural deodorants do well in one category or the other, but not both. But this one does! Happy with lavender scent and how well it works with just one application in the day." ~Christine P, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This is probably the best deodorant I've ever used. Longevity is the reason. I used to cover myself in *other brand* , and it would only last 12-14 hours. With 3 swipes of Green Tidings, I'm good for at least 16 hours+, and have gone a full 24 hours. It's pretty amazing." ~Saul Feliz, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I have tried a lot of natural deodorants, and this is one of the more effective ones. It lasts all day, even during my workouts. Some have irritated my armpits, but Green Tidings hasn't been an issue at all. It goes on easy and dries quickly. Highly recommend!" ~Alexa, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I got myself the non scented deodorant . I am pretty active. I go to the gym and also do Brazilian jujitsu and boxing. One after another. I'm a wet towel at the end of the day and this deodorant holds up. It amazes me. No smell at all. Nothing. It's pretty crazy. I highly recommend this." ~miguel velazquez, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I have tried a few more natural, orgainic deodorants and have not been very successful with any so far. That is until I tried the Green Tidings Natural Deodorant-Lavender. WOW!! Very impressed. I smell good!! It last all day long. My hunt is over......I have a new deodorant." ~Angela F Daugherty, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Excellent deodorant. It does NOT contain mercury, alcohol and other heavy metals (toxins) that can be absorbed through the skin. This deodorant allows you to sweat, which is important to removing toxins from your body but eliminates all body odor. It also will not stain clothing." ~David G. Jones, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I started using this product this month but so far I LOVE IT. It smells nice. I do not feel conscious during the day that I might be smelly like I used to feel with other deodorants. I have already recommended the deodorant to friends." ~Denitza Kraneva, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I LOVE this stuff. No rash. No stink. Sometimes I reapply if needed. Have tried about 6 different deodorant without aluminum and this works best!" ~Christy Anthony, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I have NEVER written a review on amazon before, but i felt seriously compelled to comment about this product. By far, the best deodorant I have ever used (in the natural and unnatural categories). I applied in the morning while in Mexico and even after a day of sweating, swimming and running around, i came home and, no joke, had my friends smell my underarms because i was THAT confident and happy with the product! I even had my two girl friends using it while they were there as well and they had rave reviews too." ~Jessica Mehlman, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I can't think of anything bad to say. It works great! I just put on a little bit everyday and there is absolutely no odors. I haven't had any allergic reactions and I feel better knowing that it's all natural. I'll be buying this deodorant until they stop producing it." ~Jesse, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I have been looking for a natural deodorant that actually works for years and I have finally found it! Green Tidings smells nice and it lasts all day long, even after exercising. I highly recommend!" ~OnWisconsin, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Overall this deordant is amazing. I previously have tried different natural deordants but they gave me rashes or to the point where my armpit skin was coming off from being burnt so bad. I have had no problems with this brand at all and love everything about it. I definitely recommend it!" ~Amazon Customer, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This is probably the best "natural" deodorant I have tried. Alleviates smell and armpits stay somewhat dry during intense workouts. Like I said, I'm quite pleased with this for a non-chemical laden deodorant." ~Justin Nestel, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I really love this deodorant. I have tried several natural brands in the past and none of them worked. I even tried the "best" recipes for making my own natural blend, but wasn't happy with the results. So I tried Green Tidings with low expectations and was so pleasantly surprised to find that it actually works as advertised - and without the aluminum and nasty chemicals! I tried the unscented and it truly has no scent, but I may give the lavender a shot next time. As with most natural deodorants, this product is very "stiff" - not soft and creamy like most commercial brands - but that's okay. Do actually read the insert which comes with the product; there is good information in there, and handy tips (don't use too much!). I don't do many reviews but I do believe in supporting a good product when I find one. This is good stuff!" ~NWQuilter, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Smells great and keeps me smelling good. I'm happy to get a chemical free deodorant. I also received my order very quickly. I will purchase this product again." ~Alana, Verified Amazon Purchase
"After trying several brands of "all natural" deodorant and being disappointed, I happened upon Green Tidings. I love the way this applies to the skin, not slimy or "wet" feeling. The fresh lavender scent, which is not overpowering, lasts all day. And, it really is all natural! Will definitely buy again." ~M. Edwards, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I am a guy who has tried more brands of natural deodorant than I can count. This one works as well as most but smells a little nicer - just a slight lavender fragrance with no old man smell." ~Ash, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I really liked this product, all day freshness lingers on. Just put in once in the morning and here you go. Also I did not get any redness, irritation in armpits after application. Just a happy customer of a natural product that does what it says.My husband also liked it, will order fragrance free for him. Thanks Green Tidings." ~Sum A, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I am a breast cancer patient for five years and was encouraged to not use regular deodorant. This is the first natural product that I have found that really works!!! I used it even during the hottest humid days of summer with excellent results." ~Marie, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I was a little nervous to go all natural because I've always needed a strong antiperspirant, and I worried that this wouldn't handle my sweating. Not only does it "handle" my sweating, it actually works a lot better than many off the shelf deodorant with high chemical content. I will never go back to standard deodorant." ~Alexandra A., Verified Amazon Purchase
"I love it, it works for the whole day. The lavender one smells really good too. I would recommend this to anyone, even my brother started using it too :)" ~Kevin Colon, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I smelled before I bought this deodorant! I don't know what my body chemistry is up to, but I am just a smelly person. I shower every morning and wear clean clothes, but I would start to smell half way though the day (rarely sweat though). But being stinky is embarrassing. After trying every clinical strength, mens' deodorant, and of course women's deodorant out there, I finally gave up and resorted to trying an all natural deodorant. This one had great reviews, so I gave it a go. I also appreciated all the all natural, recyclable aspects to it as well. I LOVE IT! Haven't smelled one single day since wearing it! Give it a try! You'll never go back. I know I won't!" ~Jenny Smith, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I have tried LOTS of natural deodorants and I sweat and workout. It is the ONLY ONE that really works!!!!!!!!!" ~Charles Seelandt, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Aloha!  I have been using your Lavender All Natural Deodorant for over 6 months and rave about the quality of your products!  I have been highly satisfied with my products.  I live in Hawaii and we have had one of the hottest summers on record; however, I have not smelled this summer thanks to your product.  I love that your products are natural and allow the body to sweat as it is designed to do, but continues to serve as an effective deodorant. Thank you again for making a wonderful, safe, and effective product!" ~Tanya Leo, Hawaii
"I've tried several aluminum-free deodorants and Green Tidings is the only brand that works for me. Green Tidings is easy to apply, very effective, and contains only nontoxic healthy ingredients. Now that I've found a safe, effective alternative, I will never use an antiperspirant again." ~Dennis McHugh, Verified Amazon Purchase
"Deserves 10 stars!!! This is the very first deodorant I have EVER used that actually worked for me. I work out pretty heavy and most deodorants don't stand the test of time for me or they tend to react and cause a horrible scent with my chemistry. I was very hesitant to try a scented deodorant again and to be honest was not overly confident but this product takes the cake! It works, smells amazing and does not create any pesticidal type of scent on me. I couldn't be happier and have already ordered another one for my stockpile!" ~"Flower Power", Verified Amazon Purchase
"I was extremely skeptical about this product. I tried <> and it left me feeling gross and crunchy! But I wanted to stop using chemicals in my pits! I'm so glad I tried this! It does last all day and makes me smell good! I sweat a lot during the day! I have been wearing it everyday and I love it. I wasn't sure about the lavender but it actually works!! I tried the 1oz and am now getting the 2oz!" ~Regina Stoneham "kloudancer", Verified Amazon Purchase
"This is the first all natural deodorant I have tried that ACTUALLY works. I use it once in the morning, and it has a lovely lavender scent. The scent fades fairly quickly, but the protection lasts all day. I am a teacher who works in a very hot, non air-conditioned classroom, so believe me, I have put this deodorant to the test! It really works! I have tried so many of the other brands, and this one is, by far, the best." ~"Mom to 2 young girls", Veriffied Amazon Purchase
"I really love this deodorant. It's the first time I try natural deodorant, and I am amazed. It is so much better than regular deodorant. It lasts all day, doesn't irritate skin AT ALL, and lavender smell is fantastic. Importantly, it doesn't stain clothes like many other deodorants. I will certainly order it again!" ~Maria Fomicheva, Verified Amazon Purchase
"This is the only all natural deodorant that I've found that actually works. It smells amazing and lasts all day. Even through intense sweating and heat conditions. The lavender smells wonderful and it's not too strong of a scent. I just ordered my second batch and will tell all my friends and family about it. It's that good!!!" ~Sara Schleicher, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I'm a stinky, sweaty gal and this stuff is AMAZING. Clean, fresh, no scent, works well from the first day. Seriously, purchase this deodorant." ~itskatrin, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I didn't think I would ever find something healthy that would keep me fresh and here it is. Love this product. I bought the three pack to give out as stocking stuffers for Christmas to my family. I totally back this product." ~Courtney England, Verified Amazon Purchase
"I am always leery of the effectiveness of natural products especially since I workout daily but Green Tidings is amazing. I feel it works better than anything you can buy at the store. Plus there is no aluminum! Love this product." ~heather mitts, Verified Amazon Purchase
"The best I have ever used My title says it all. I am a very active tennis player(older male) and walker for exercise. After playing two hours of tennis in 90 degree temps---I have zero odor or smell using this product---I can't believe it. My body hates the phony perfumy smells,and, over the years I have become extremely intolerant of most personal product smells---not this one, but it is the unscented. I have have tried some unscented before but still had a problem. Not with this product! I have tried many supposed natural deodorants and some of them did work OK, but not great, always seemed to be a little odor or smell, at best most were half way acceptable. I just lived with them to avoid toxins. This is the best--number one--will use forever--deodorant I have used in my life. I don't do products with toxins of any kind! I don't want that junk in most products absorbed into my body through the skin in my under-arm. This is non-toxic all the way. Don't waste your money on anything else, your body will love you and so will anyone that gets close to you after long hours of work and play without a shower. Update March 2014--Used in Hawaii playing tennis 3-4 days a week 85-90 degrees on court---no odor, no problem. The two ounce size last me two months plus of daily use. Also, just finished tennis tournament in the Indian Wells desert area of California--product worked great in 90+ court temps. I will never use anything else." ~odc, Verified Amazon Purchase
"All-day odor protection, no irritation! I've been on a quest for the perfect natural deodorant for a few years now. I thought that I had found it in Schmidt's, but then I started getting really irritated, flaky skin in my armpits. Clearly the search had to continue. I figured that it was the high concentration of baking soda that was causing the problem, and after perusing ingredient lists on other natural deodorants I finally settled on this brand. I got the Lavender scent and it is lovely! The applicator is super convenient and clean (no scooping it out with your fingers) and the deodorant itself goes on creamy and causes absolutely no irritation (as of the two months that I've been using it). I apply once in the morning and it lasts me the whole day - and that's in 80-90 degree temps! This isn't really an anti-perspirant, so you will sweat (it's a natural bodily function) but it will not smell! And throughout the day I occasionally get a nice light hint of lavender. Finally, my search is over!" ~Uberinscrutable , Verified Amazon Purchase
"Absolutely amazing! The best out there! Amazing!! I cannot believe it! A natural deodorant that actually works! I have tried just about every natural deodorant out there, none of which have worked, until now!! After seeing this product on the green tidings Facebook page and after read the good reviews on amazon on this product and figured i would give it a try and i am so glad i did! I do a lot of public speaking and get nervous when i do so and sweat a lot too, especially in hot climates and i found after using this product i have no smell whatsoever! I LOVE this product and will be recommending it to everyone! This will be the only deodorant i will use from now on. Thank you so so so much!" ~Acu1410 , Verified Amazon Purchase
"DEODORANT PERFECTION I absolutely LOVE this product. I have tried the usual (and obscure) natural/vegan/aluminum free products such as crystal rock, collodial silver based, health food store regulars, pricy boutique fakers cloaked as healthy and safe, etc. THIS deodorant is nothing short of amazing. To avoid rambling, I will outline the awesomeness below: 1) TRULY natural, vegan, organic ingredients 2) detailed explanation of WHY these ingredients are used, and how they work 3) beautifully, naturally, subtly scented yet doesn't compete with any other fragrance you have going on 4) magically keeps underams dry yet moisturized 5) completely odor free, even after Bikram, Pilates, and a 3 hour stressful work meeting in a painfully stifling room 6) super fast shipping at a reasonable rate 7) responsibly packaged 8) smaller size available for gym bag, travel, etc 9) ZERO irritation, even when hurriedly swiped right after shaving 10) no white residue left behind, simply melts into the skin Couldn't ask for more!" ~NC, Verified Amazon Purchase
"As a breast feeding mom it's very important that I don't use deodorants with chemicals or aluminum. Unfortunately most natural deodorants leave you smelling like a dirty hippie. Glad I tried this one because it actually works and is made from all natural ingredients. I also like that it's made by a mom." ~T. review
"It is such a great deodorant. It smells nice. The best part of all are the natural and organic ingredients they use in it. I definitely tell people to use it." ~LilDi, review
"The best deodorant I've found...This is by far the best natural deodorant I've tried. And many "natural" deodorants aren't even all natural (propylene glycol? No thank you!)! It seriously lasts 24 hours, and through the toughest workouts. I am a marathon runner, and this deodorant goes the distance!" ~Mountain Man, review
"Great Product! This is a wonderful all natural product that works great. I recommend this to anyone that is health conscious. This is much better than those aluminum-filled antiperspirants that are sold in stores." ~Back to Nature, review
"Best 100% natural deodorant EVER! I use the unscented, but this product is awesome! Between 3 jobs, single parenting and an intense daily workout, I put my deodorant to the test!!! I have tried almost every "natural" deodorant out there, on occasion even conventional ones for those 'freak-out moments' in life that give you anxiety just running them through your overactive imagination. Not only do I LOVE that this product is as clean as it gets (ingredient wise), it actually works better than ANY deodorant I have tried and it's not sticky...and...wait for it...doesn't stain clothes either! Knowing my daughter is at "that age" to start using deodorant too, I feel good allowing her to borrow it and see a great product on my counter. Thanks, Green Tidings! You ROCK! Side note: their lip balm is fantastic, too!" ~Alicia, review
"Best Ever! I have used many deodorant products in my 62 years (OK, 50 as a deodorant user), and this product is the best I have ever used! I don't have to worry about stains, odor, or toxicity...I love it and would highly recommend it to my loved ones! I use the unscented variety." ~Terri, review
"Smell no more...without chemicals! I purchased this for my teen son who 'really' smelled but was using one of those toxic OTC brands. They included a Free Sample size, which I used while my son used the regular size I purchased. Now we BOTH use this fabulous deodorant and will be buying no others!!" ~Gamma Teddy-bear, review
"IT ACTUALLY WORKS!! I bought this because I follow her on facebook and was sick of the chemicals. The chemical deodorant didn't work for me anyhow. I could not believe that it is all natural and actually works better than the 20+ deodorants on the market I have tried over the years. FINALLY!" ~Eco Organic Mama, review
"This is the best--number one--will use forever--deodorant I have used in my life. I don't do products with toxins of any kind! I don't want that junk in most products absorbed into my body through the skin in my under-arm. This is non-toxic all the way. Don't waste your money on anything else, your body will love you and so will anyone that gets close to you after long hours of work and play without a shower." ~ODC, review
"I have tried many supposed natural deodorants and some of them did work OK, but not great, always seemed to be a little odor or smell, at best most were half way acceptable. I just lived with them to avoid toxins." ~-
"The best I have ever used. My title says it all. I am a very active tennis player(older male) and walker for exercise. After playing two hours of tennis in 90 degree temps---I have zero odor or smell using this product---I can't believe it. My body hates the phony perfumy smells,and, over the years I have become extremely intolerant of most personal product smells---not this one, but it is the unscented. I have have tried some unscented before but still had a problem. Not with this product!" ~-
"WWWOOOOOWWWWW. Hate to sound obnoxious----but your deodorant ROCKS !!!!!!!! I've used A LOT of deos in the 50yrs I've had to use deo... but your product is wonderful - does what it's suppose to do without any scents from the product or me; thank u, thank u, etc.... Customer service is great, too--keep it coming & I'll be back for more... can't imagine anyone not being happy with your products or customer the cuticle balm & lip balm Thank you so much !!!!! Cathy xoxoxo :)" ~Cathy, review
"Thank you SO much for the amazing deodorant, lip balm and cuticle balm. Even after 2 hours of teaching in a heated fitness studio, my deodorant was still kicking! And i haven't ever used a cuticle balm that moisturized my cuticles so quickly! Love your products and your well-researched info!" ~Jessica, San Clemente, CA
"I love the lavender deodorant! It is the first natural deodorant I have used that has worked all day. Another big plus is that all of the ingredients are safe. Thank you Green Tidings!" ~Maria, New York, NY
"Love your deodorant, and will probably be ordering more soon but it lasts so long that I haven't had to yet... It really is a miracle deodorant and didn't inhibit the sweat, which had worried me. So I still sweat but get no odor!" ~Caryn, Lindenwold, NJ
"I have used everything from heavy aluminum anti-perspirants to all-natural deodorants, but couldn’t find anything that worked for my horrible stink. I searched many hours on various message boards and it seemed as though I might need to see a dermatologist for a prescription. Then while browsing on Facebook, a post from Green Tidings caught my eye. I figured one more product trial couldn’t hurt. I was skeptical as I started with my little pot of gold sample. It really works for me – ALL DAY. My embarrassing stink is no longer there. Even with clinical strength brands, the stink was just masked. I constantly smelled my pits (looking like a dork for a week straight) to ensure it was still doing its job. Even during 90+ degree weather, it held up. Seriously. I’m officially a convert. I have thrown away all of my other brands and ordered two full-sized versions and am now happy to say I'm aluminum free. Thank you Green Tidings for a huge boost in my confidence. I am so lucky to have your informative posts popping up on my Facebook feed." ~Rory, Orange, CA
"Wow! I received some of your products as a gift & I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy them. I received the deodorant just before going to Oklahoma. It was hot and humid and I was odor free. I also received the cuticle balm & chap stick. Love them both and keep them on my night stand and use each night before bed. I notice my cuticles & finger nails are more healthy looking & stronger. Thank you for great products." ~Linda, Garden Grove, CA
"So your natural deodorant rocks!! It is honestly the best that I have found even during my hard workouts" ~Alica, Huntington Beach, CA
"I am using it and I love it! I highly recommend it" ~Diana, Fairfield, CT
"Tried your natural Deodorant! It is the first natural deodorant I have ever liked! No more aluminum for me now! Thank you for such a good product!" ~Julie, Watertown WI
"Just wanted to say that I got my Green Tidings deodorant in the mail last week and LOVE it! I got the unscented, but it still has a hint of coconut which I LOVE and it works! Thank you! I'll definitely be putting an order in as soon as this one gets low." ~Kari, Long Beach, CA
"I got the Lavender deodorant and it rocks! It works really well and I love the scent- not too weak, not overpowering. When it runs out I'm definitely ordering more! Thank you for a wonderful product! I love this deodorant!"" ~Wendy, Hanover Twp, PA