Holiday Shopping at Green Tidings

At Green Tidings, we provide customers with high-quality personal care and beauty products, including deodorants, body oils, lip balms, and body care items. When you buy products from Green Tidings, you are supporting a local family-owned business that is as environmentally conscious as we are socially conscious. All of our products are natural, non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty free. Our products are packaged in an American facility that is solar powered, and are packaged by a non-profit organization that provides jobs to people with disabilities. Quite simply, by supporting Green Tidings, you are not only choosing to make a difference on our environment, you are also choosing to make a difference in our world. Browse our products today!

With the holidays almost upon us, the time is now to pick out of all those holiday gifts. At Green Tidings, our variety of all natural personal care and beauty products can make perfect gifts for your friends, family, and colleagues this holiday season. In this blog, we will look at a few simple ways that our products can work for you this holiday. Let’s get started!

Secret Santa

There’s a fair chance that, at work this year, someone will be organizing a secret santa gift swap. While this is always a fun way to pick out gifts for someone who you may know well or not know at all, sometimes the process can be a bit stressful, especially when you are uncertain as to what to purchase for your recipient. It’s always helpful when you are given a list of a person’s interests and hobbies, and if your recipient is the type that enjoys scents, one of our many all natural body oils can serve as a fantastic gift. Whether if it’s our high quality rosehip oil, argan oil or jojoba oil, your secret santa recipient will be thrilled to gift that is as thoughtful as it is eco friendly.

A Small Holiday Gift

Whether you’re looking for a small item to serve as a stocking stuffer, Hanukkah gift or other holiday gift, we offer a wide variety of products here at Green Tidings that perfectly fit the bill. Our all-natural lip balm is a perfect palm-sized gift that can fit into a small box or gift bag, and best of all, with harsh winter weather just right around the corner for many states, there’s no better time than now to give the gift of soft and hydrated lips.

Treat Yourself

Who said that you weren’t allowed to give yourself a holiday present? The end of the year is a reminder of all the events and accomplishments of the past 12 months, and looking back on it, you may be surprised at all the things that you achieved in the last year. With that in mind, why not treat yourself? Our high-quality, all-natural body oils, body butters, and more are a great way to treat yourself to a bit of the good life. You’ve worked hard this year, you deserve it!

A Business Care Package

For those of you in the business world, the end of the year is a time for care packages and the like. It’s a great way to show your clients that you appreciate their business and support, and while you could order and send off yet another fruit basket like so many of your contemporaries, why not get creative with it? If appropriate, putting together a care package of beauty and personal care products from Green Tidings is a unique and considerate way to express your gratitude for your clients this holiday season. It’s a fun gesture that your clients will likely remember months into the new year.

Those are just a few ways that our many beauty and personal care products can make great gifts this holiday season. All of our products are all natural, non-toxic, vegan, and, in many cases, gluten-free, so you can take comfort in knowing that you are taking care of your body in a way that is not only effective but also environmentally friendly. Order today and receive free shipping on all orders over $49. Sign up for our email list and get 5% off your order. Shop Green Tidings today!

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