Natural Ways to Beat the Heat During The Daytime

Green Tidings aims to provide you with the best in all natural bodycare products, from all natural deodorants to lip balms and more. We also are proud to offer various bits of insight on green living, and in this blog post, we’ll share a few tips of all natural things that you can do to beat the heat during the daytime. Shop today and receive free shipping on your entire order!

Eat Fresh and Cool Foods

At Green Tidings, our love of eating fresh is something that we’ve talked about quite extensively in our blog. While this may come as obvious to many of you, sometimes staying cool during warmer weather can come in ways that are simpler than we thought. Whether you’ve woken up to an uncomfortable and heat filled home, or you’re out and about with friends around lunchtime, eating hot and heavy foods are going to do little to provide you with relief from the extreme heat. While things like pancakes, eggs and other breakfast staples are fantastic, they won’t do much to help you while experiencing hot temperatures. Whether you’re looking for the perfect breakfast or lunch, choosing fresh and cool foods over heavier and hotter ones will help you feel the heat less. For breakfast, choose a refreshing smoothie, yogurt with berries or fruit of your choice. For lunch, instead of choosing a burger, pick a salad or something else that can be enjoyed cold. It may seem like it won’t do much, but filling your body with a cooler meal will help you feel cooler overall.

Stay Hydrated

This one may also be obvious, but many people fail to stay hydrated during times of more extreme heat. The discomfort and fatigue that you feel from heat has a lot to do with your body’s overall level of hydration. When you spend time in hot weather, your body quickly loses energy from the amount of water that you lose through sweating. It’s important to stay hydrated to ensure that you stay energized and avoid dehydration, but in addition to this, drinking plenty of water throughout the day can also help keep you cool. If you’re not the type who enjoys drinking plain water, try infusing your water with a slice of lemon, cucumber or a handful of berries to give it a splash of flavor. Staying hydrated is key, and it’s way easier to do once you develop a taste for water.

All Natural Bodycare Products

Those are just a few examples of things that you can do to stay cool this summer in a way that is natural and environmentally friendly. Green Tidings is committed to helping you live a greener lifestyle, and while we provide you with plenty of helpful lifestyle tips in our blog, our main goal is to provide you with all natural bodycare products to help you live your life in a way that is greener and more environmentally friendly. Whether you’re looking for all natural and aluminum free deodorants, all natural lip balms or other body care products like sugar scrubs, we offer an array of different products to help you look and feel your best without the use of harsh chemicals. To learn more about our all natural bodycare products, contact us today!

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