Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, shipping is free for all orders over $30!

Do you ship Worldwide?

We do ship anywhere in the world, however we are unable to offer free shipping, and we do not insure our packages.  We recommend that you choose UPS for guaranteed delivery.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee.  If you are unhappy, for whatever reason, please email us (info@greentidings.com) within 30 days of purchase to initiate a return and a refund.

Is Green Tidings owned by a big corporation?

No.  We understand the concern about finding out that a natural cruelty-free company is owned by a larger corporation that's not cruelty-free, and has horrible environmental practices. We are family owned and operated right outside of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant FAQ’s

Your deodorant says "natural," but aren't baking soda and magnesium synthetic?

While it is true that many baking sodas and magnesium used by other natural deodorants on the market are synthetic, ours are natural!
7 U.S.C, which defines “synthetic” to mean : “A substance that is formulated or manufactured by a chemical process or by a process that chemically changes a substance extracted from naturally occurring plant, animal, or mineral sources, except that such term shall not apply to substances created by naturally occurring biological processes.”
Sodium Bicarbonate
Most baking soda is created in a lab using synthetic chemicals.
We use a supplier of baking soda who supplies nahcolite, which is sodium bicarbonate in its pure mineral form, which allows our supplier to produce a completely natural product requiring zero chemical alteration. They recover sodium bicarbonate using a process known as solution mining. This involves pumping hot water approximately 1900 feet underground to dissolve the underlying nahcolite beds and return the bicarb saturated water to the surface. The saturated brine is pumped back to the processing facility where the sodium bicarbonate is extracted. Sodium bicarbonate is crystallized by reducing the temperature of the liquor, and the crystals are collected for further processing. Excess water is then removed by high speed centrifuging (spin drying). The resultant damp crystal mass is further dried, screened and packed in accordance with industry designated specifications. All while maintaining stringent quality accreditation standards.
Magnesium Oil (Magnesium Chloride)
Our magnesium chloride was not prepared by ”dissolving magnesium oxide, hydroxide, or carbonate in aqueous hydrochloric acid solution and crystallizing out magnesium chloride hexahydrate” like many others.  Rather, it was drawn up from two naturally occurring underground wells 1400 feet below the Earth’s surface, has not undergone any chemical changes, and is not chemically or structurally different from how it naturally occurs in nature.  
Green Tidings Natural Deodorant is natural!

Is there a scent to the unscented?

“Unscented” means “no added scent.” This doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no scent to the product. We use natural or unrefined ingredients, which all have scents when they are found in nature. If you want a truly “unscented” product, you will have to buy one with heavily-processed, cheap, and most likely man-made ingredients.

Will the deodorant keep me from sweating?

Many heavy sweaters who use chemical deodorants are actually sweating a lot because it is the body’s way of expelling toxins from the body. Because many toxins such as parabens, aluminum, propylene glycol, and phthalates are in conventional deodorants, the body works overtime trying to eliminate them. Additionally, using an antiperspirant (a product that minimizes or eliminates underarm sweat) can actually cause an over-sweating problem, since the body is meant to sweat. When the natural function of sweating is prevented, the body goes overboard in making it happen.
Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant is not an antiperspirant. It is not designed to eliminate sweat, a natural bodily function. However, most users find that they sweat less after having not used any chemical deodorant for about one month (the approximate amount of time it takes for the body to normalize its sweat function). Additionally, some of our ingredients, like tapioca starch, do absorb moisture, so the natural sweat you do have will be lessened, but not prevented.
Your body will thank you.

Does your baking soda contain aluminum?

Many consumers get baking powder and baking soda confused. Baking soda is only one ingredient: sodium bicarbonate. Baking powder usually has two or three: sodium bicarbonate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, and/or sodium aluminum sulfate. There is absolutely NO ALUMINUM in our baking soda, nor in our deodorant!
Likewise, we do not add "mineral salts" in our deodorant (like other natural deodorants, including crystal deodorants), which are almost 100% aluminum.
Is the deodorant safe for kids?
Our natural deodorant is safe for kids to use! Although there is no established timeline to start using deodorant, our ingredients are gentle enough for kids to use safely.

How much should I apply?

You don’t need to apply as much as you think. Try a few light swipes under your arms once daily. If you find it to be very creamy under your arms, or if it leaves residue on your clothes, you’ve likely applied too much.

How long will it last?

Depending on how much, and how often, you apply, the small (1 ounce) size should last 2-4 weeks. The large (2.7 ounce) size should last 4-8 weeks.

What if I get a rash or skin irritation?

Always stop using our products if you get any irritation- Our label and product insert recommend applying a couple of swipes to your inner arm before use under arms, and wait 24 hours to see if an irritation appears.  A rash can be caused by any of the following:
1.)  Detox reaction. This is your body expelling all the nasty ingredients from your previous toxic deodorant, and finally having the freedom to sweat naturally again. This type of rash clears up within 1 month. You can try to go without any deodorant whenever you can, or use the vinegar spray, below, while your body detoxes.
2.) pH adjustment. For some, the deodorant will irritate the skin as the body adjusts to its pH levels.  Sometimes this can even occur after having used the  deodorant for some time. A simple remedy is to combine one tbsp. apple cider vinegar with one cup of distilled water. Spray your underarms with this solution then let them dry. Then apply deodorant. Repeat this process for a week. If this does not help, take one week off from the deodorant and use only the vinegar spray (which will help with odor, too). Begin using the deodorant again after a week has passed.
3.) Skin irritation due to one of the ingredients. Your body could be sensitive to one of the natural ingredients. Essential oils can be irritating to some people. Stop using if this is the case, and contact us at support@greentidings.com to try an unscented or Sensitive Skin deodorant instead.

Will the deodorant cause staining on clothing?

Deodorant stains happen when your perspiration mixes with the deodorant (including any expelled toxins), and rubs off on clothing.  Most deodorant will leave some sort of marks on your clothing, but Green Tidings typically does not.  
Most likely, stains are a natural compound in our sweat, “urea,” combined with other minerals excreted in the sweat (including potassium, chloride, sugars, calcium, etc.) that causes sweat to appear yellow on our clothing, even though it’s clear coming out.  Those trace minerals bind together after the sweat has evaporated away and become embedded into the fabric.
If you are getting stains or marks on your clothing, it is possible that you may be putting on too much.  Just a couple of light swipes should last you all day.  You can remove deodorant stains from clothing, and there are a lot of tips online.  This link contains some great tips:  http://econutssoap.com/how-to-get-rid-of-deodorant-and-perspiration-stains/

What is the expiration date of your deodorant?

Our deodorant is good for 3 years from the date on the bottom of the tube.