Natural Ways to Beat the Heat At Night

Green Tidings aims to be your go to supplier of all natural bodycare products, from all natural deodorants to vegan lip balms and beyond. We also love offering you with advice on green living, and continuing from our previous post, in this blog post we’ll discuss things you can do to stay cool during the evenings this summer!

Cold Showers and Baths

During the more comfortably temperate months, we usually take one shower either in the morning or at night. During times of extreme heat, however, it’s incredibly common for people to take more than one shower or bath each day, as the temperature causes us to sweat more. While sweating is inevitable in warmer temperatures, one great way to feel relief from the high temperatures while helping us feel fresh and clean throughout the day is taking another shower. The key here, though is to take a cold shower or bath. While it may seem a bit uncomfortable at first, you’ll eventually grow accustomed to it, and bathing or showering in colder water can offer you some much needed relief from the oppressive heat. If you take a cold bath or shower before heading to bed, you’ll feel cleaner and more relaxed, which can help increase your overall comfort level and help you sleep better.

Turn Off Lights

So okay, turning off the lights before bed is what most of us do, but have you ever thought about turning off your lights earlier in the evening? The amount of heat that light bulbs radiate is noticeable, and by turning them off earlier, your bedroom won’t be nearly as warm. Natural light is plenty, and if you’re not in your bedroom until you get in bed, leaving your light off will ensure that your room won’t be nearly as warm. If you need light for reading or otherwise, try using a lamp with a lower wattage bulb to reduce the amount of heat it creates.

Unplug All Devices

It’s common for us to plug in our phones or other devices and let them charge overnight. While this is an easy way to ensure that our devices will be ready to go in the morning, most devices don’t need more than an hour or two to completely recharge. The remaining six or seven hours that your device is plugged in is unnecessary, and not only are you consuming energy that you don’t need, your devices are also emanating heat while they’re plugged in. Think about how warm your laptop charger can get. During times of extreme heat, every degree does make a difference, and another great way to beat the heat at night is to make sure that all your devices are unplugged. You’ll be practicing energy conservation and saving money on your energy bills while also enjoying a bedroom that is more comfortable to sleep in.

All Natural Bodycare Products

Those are just a few examples of things you can do to stay cool during the evenings this summer. Providing you with sound lifestyle advice as well as the best in all natural bodycare products is what we pride ourselves on here at Green Tidings, and whether you’re looking for the best in aluminum-free deodorant, all natural lip balms or otherwise, we offer a wide variety of products at Green Tidings to help you live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Shop Green Tidings today and receive free shipping on your entire order!

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