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Cold & Flu Prevention and Natural Remedies

Winter brings cold & flu season with it, mostly because people are indoors more, and germs get trapped inside close quarters rather than circulating, having less Vitamin D in the form of sunlight, and because of all the holiday junk food people eat, which lowers their immune system. 

An Ounce of Prevention

Preventing colds & flu means taking good care of your body.  Excess sugar and processed foods will surely lower your immune system and feed viruses, so lay off those.  Add in extra Vitamin C and D, and make sure to get enough Vitamins A & E through food.  Drink lots of water, and lay off sugary beverages and excess alcohol. Your lymph system doesn’t naturally drain itself- it needs help from you- so get moving daily in your favorite way: yoga, walking, HIIT, etc. Anything to get your circulation going.  And, of course, the number one way to prevent illness is to wash your hands frequently!

Remember that what you put ON your body goes IN your body, so if you're using toxic chemical-laden skin care products, your body's immune system will be busy being burdoned rather than being ready to fight illness.  Using an aluminum deodorant, for example, including "crystal" deodorants which contain "mineral salts" that are almost entirely composed of aluminum, will cause your lymph system and immune system to work hard to expel that aluminum, taking away from your cold and flu fighting abilities- make sure you're using a natural deodorant like Green Tidings.

Fight On!

Oh no!  You’ve finally succumbed to that dreaded cold or flu!  Now what?  In addition to the natural remedies infographic, try using a castor oil compress on your chest to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and draw out toxins.  Simply soak a cotton or wool washcloth with virgin, organic castor oil, place on chest, put plastic over it (it will be messy), and then place a heating pad on top.  Relax for about 30 minutes.


Take good care of yourself!

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