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3 Foods That Promote a Healthy Complexion

All of us here at Green Tidings are always going to be providing you with the absolute best in all natural body care products. Whether you’re looking for an all natural alternative to the more harsh lip balms, body moisturizers that aren’t loaded with synthetic chemicals, or body scrubs that cleanse your body in an all natural way, Green Tidings aims to be your number one resource for all natural body care products. To find out more information on our fair trade, cruelty free and environmentally friendly products, contact Green Tidings today.

In addition to providing you with the absolute best in all natural body care products, we want nothing more than for our customers to treat themselves well in more ways than one. Our all natural body care products are a great place to start, but there are plenty of other additional ways that you can treat your body well.

Taking care of your skin and maintaining a healthy complexion can be complicated, especially when attempting to do so in a way that is entirely natural and eco friendly. Having healthy skin requires not only maintaining a good and consistent routine, and plenty of other factors can make an impact on it. The foods you eat, for one, can make a considerable difference in your complexion. In this blog, we will look at some foods that can benefit your complexion, to ensure that you look as bright and radiant as possible.

Olive Oil
This delicious oil can be found in everything from pastas to salads to hummus, and lucky for you, olive oil comes with a wide variety of health benefits, among them, contributing towards a healthy complexion. Studies show that women with a higher consumption of olive oil were associated with fewer signs of aging than women who consumed less than them. It also has been proven to be better for you than peanut oil and sunflower oil, making it your best for when you need to cook with oil. The next time you’re reaching for the canola oil or other cooking oil, choose olive oil. If you’re wanting to take it a little further, go the organic route.

Yet another delicious addition on our list has been known to provide your skin with a wide variety of benefits. Aside from being filled with antioxidants (which themselves bring your body an array of health benefits), tomatoes have also been proven to improves your skin’s overall SPF (or sun protection factor) levels. Studies have shown that diets high in tomatoes can help protect you from sunburn. This is because of the chemical known as lycopene, which tomatoes contain high levels of. That being said, you should still use sunscreen whenever you venture outdoors, and a diet that’s rich in tomatoes should not be a replacement for using sunscreen.

While breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should not be skipped, making smart breakfast choices is also key. Things like pancakes, waffles and cereals are fine in moderation, but there are other options that are equally as delicious that can provide your body with many benefits. One of the best things that you can eat for breakfast is oatmeal. Things like cereals and other breakfast foods that are high in sugar will result in your skin being oilier and harder to manage. Think about the wide variety of skincare products that contain oatmeal extracts. It’s no secret that oatmeal can provide your skin with many benefits, so choosing not to eat it on a regular basis is simply foolish. Besides, adding in your favorite berries, a little brown sugar or honey, and you’ve got a breakfast that’s not only delicious, but healthy for you as well.

Those are just a few examples of foods that can be beneficial to your overall complexion. At Green Tidings, we are committed to providing our customers with the best in all natural body care products. Whether if you’re looking for an all natural deodorant, lip balm, body scrub, or body oils, we are here to provide you with high quality and all natural body care products that are vegan, gluten free and cruelty free. To find out more information about our all natural body care products, head on over to our shop. Thank you for supporting Green Tidings!

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