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Four Reasons Why Conventional Skincare is Dangerous

Taking care of your skin is essential to looking and feeling great. While you probably use an arsenal of products, have you ever read the list of ingredients on the back? Many popular and conventional products are chock-full of harmful and toxic ingredients that not only harm you and your body, but also the environment. In this blog, we’ll discuss some reasons why conventional skincare is dangerous and why you should make the switch to using more natural and/or organic products to care for your body, both inside and out. For an amazing and effective deodorant that is also all natural and organic, Green Tidings is your answer. Our deodorant is created using only the best ingredients to help fight odor and take care of your skin. Shop our website today for the ideal alternative to conventional deodorant!


You Skin Absorbs Your Beauty Routine

Did you know that your skin can absorb up to 60 percent of your daily skincare products? This includes eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipstick. If you are confused by this concept, think about a nicotine patch that a smoker uses to stop the habit. It’s proof of transdermal absorption by your body. Even if you wear makeup only occasionally or prefer to only use a small selection of facial lotions, treatments, or serums, your skin is still absorbing them. On top of the absorption by your skin, skincare products are also not filtered by your digestive system but are simply absorbed into your body. Any harmful ingredients wreak havoc by not being properly filtered, which can cause adverse reactions and illnesses quickly. If you’re unsure of whether or not your favorite shampoo or beloved face wash is harmful to your body, read the list of ingredients and carefully research each ingredient to ensure that what you’re putting on your body is okay to go in it.


The Food and Drug Administration Doesn’t Test Cosmetics for Harmful Ingredients

The FDA and USDA's standards for cosmetics is unfortunately much lower than other countries, and many of the ingredients that are commonly found in your makeup bag and bathroom counter’s contents are banned. It’s scary to realize that the products that you love are hurting your body and could even cause illnesses and diseases. The only way to be sure to not expose yourself to bad and harmful products is to research every product in your home and switch to greener and healthier products. Everything from your cleaning products to your toothpaste need to be vetted to ensure that what you choose to use won’t affect you adversely in the future.


Animal Testing is Common in Conventional Skincare Products

If you love furry friends or have a beloved pet, thinking about harmful ingredients being applied to their skin may cause you to swear off anything that is tested on an animal. Unfortunately, many companies test on animals, which causes distress, illness, disease, and other awful effects to be shouldered by those adorable animals. If you’re concerned about animal testing, make it a point to choose to only purchase cruelty-free skincare, cleaning, and other items you use on a daily basis. If you’re confused as to how to differentiate cruelty-free products from their counterparts, look for a bunny symbol on the back of the bottle or tube. You can also contact the company via their customer service phone number or their information email address to check for the cruelty-free assurance. If the company prefers to not disclose this information or doesn’t answer directly, it may be best to take your business elsewhere. There are many animal-friendly skincare brands that offer amazing products that are effective and haven’t harmed animals.


You Get More Bang for Your Buck

Many mineral and natural-based skincare products are full of nourishing and effective ingredients that will help your skin’s issues and be kind to it. Instead of using a product that is mostly water, propylene or butyl glycol, a natural facial cleanser may be comprised of gentle oils, herbal infusions, and vitamins that will improve your skin’s appearance over time, all while not harming your body. You’ll discover that you may stop using several different facial toners, serums, or lotions and reduce to only a few because your skin is responding so well. With all of the recent focus on finding all natural and organic skincare options, you’ll certainly be able to find exactly what you need with a little bit of internet research. Sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side!

Taking care of your skin is important and probably something that you put lots of time and effort into. If you’re passionate about finding an alternative to the skincare products and makeup that is more natural and kinder to your skin, body, and the environment, start with Green Tidings. Our all natural and organic deodorant will take excellent care of your armpits, while taking care of any odor. Make the switch today and shop now!  

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