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Four Ways That You're Forgetting to Go Green

If you’re passionate about the environment, what you eat, and what you put on your body, you’re probably working hard to make sure that everything that you use and on a daily basis is sustainable and environmentally-friendly. In this blog, we’ll talk about a few parts of life that you may be forgetting about and how to make them more sustainable and eco-friendly. For incredible and effective all natural and organic deodorant, check out Green Tidings. Our deodorant is created using solar power and packaged in BPA-free containers. Shop our online store today!

Get Rid of Chemical Cleaners

This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s so easy to forget about what you’re using to wipe down counters, clean your bathroom, or wash your dishes. If you’re not choosing household cleaners that are made of eco-friendly ingredients, you may be harming the environment and leaving a toxic chemical trail. That fresh floral fragrance that you smell after finishing cleaning your bathroom is actually harmful to you, your family, and the environment. Using eco-friendly cleaners is important and can improve the health and wellness of everyone in the home. Take a minute to check out your cleaning closet and get rid of any and all sprays, soaps, and cleansers that aren’t comprised of gentle ingredients to ensure that you’re making the choice to use environmentally-kind ingredients.

Go Paperless

How many bills are sent regularly to your home? While getting mail can be fun at times, going paperless will save many trees and reduce your carbon footprint. Check with your bank, credit card provider, mortgage lender, and anyone else that you regularly receive bills from in the mail and see if you’re able to get them delivered to your email. Many banks offer online statements that are available to view at any time. The average American uses seven or more trees worth of paper every year, so if you can cut down those bills and statements that you end up shredding after you’re done viewing them, you can help to reduce your personal usage of paper. If you do elect to receive paper bills, make sure that you recycle the paper after shredding them.

Buying Used Rather than New

It sure is fun to go shopping for new clothes, shoes, or accessories. A great way to look great but also take care of the environment is to buy pre-owned clothes. Many consignment chains are popping up that offer quality and cared-for clothing at cheaper prices and an eco-friendly option. While it may take more time to sort through the clothing racks and you might have to wait a couple of months for trends to cycle into the consignment and thrift stores, you’re helping to keep clothing out of landfills and give it a second life. Some thrift stores even employ individuals who have spend time in the justice system or may not have a college degree, which is also helping to give them a livelihood. The next time that you find yourself driving towards your local mall, turn around and head towards a thrift or consignment store to take care of the environment and still look great.

Personal Care Products

Makeup, hair care, skin care, and other items that sit on your bathroom counters are an essential part of your daily routine, but are they safe for you and your health? Unfortunately, most of what you put regularly on your skin and in your body is full of toxic ingredients. If you find that what you’re using on a daily basis isn’t comprised of organic or natural ingredients, it’s best to look for another option with ingredients that you can pronounce.

If you care about the world we live in and how to take care of it for future generations, make sure that every day you’re making green and eco-friendly choices. For all natural and organic deodorant, Green Tidings is a leading choice for hundreds of individuals. Shop our online store today and see how our deodorant is effective, safe for the environment, and an awesome product for the entire family!

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