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Green Spring Cleaning Tips, Part One

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Spring is here, and with spring comes spring cleaning! We’ve talked a lot about ways that you can be green in your home, including the use of green cleaning products, but we’re always looking for ways to share tips on green living with you. In part one of our blog series, we’ll look at a handful of ways that you can be more green this spring when cleaning your home.

Eliminate Paper Towels

If you’re someone who’s been living a green lifestyle for a while, then you are probably aware of how incredibly wasteful paper towels can be. In some cases, however, many people tend to forget about this fact when attempting to be more environmentally friendly in their day to day life. Think about how many paper towels you use to clean your bathrooms, windows, or just picking up spills. Now think about the fact that every single one of these paper towels gets thrown away. The convenience factor doesn’t seem so important anymore, does it?

Keeping a clean home is important, and it’s undeniable that paper towels are an incredibly useful tool that allows us to do so with ease and convenience. Those of you who are attempting to find a proper replacement for paper towels may be wondering what type of product can be used in place of paper towels that will still do an efficient job of cleaning and picking up spills. Like everything else green, the key is to use things that can either be reused or recycled. Buying cloth towels to clean your house is an efficient way of maintaining that sparkle in your kitchen, bathroom and other parts of your home. Best of all, they’re completely reusable and can simply be thrown in the wash when you’re done using them. For picking up those unexpected spills, sponges do a fantastic job and in some cases can even be more efficient than paper towel. Both of these are inexpensive, and unlike paper towels that are single-use only, these can be reused for a considerable amount of time. The result is your household cutting down on waste as well as saving money on regularly buying paper towel products.

Be Smart About Recycling

One of the many basics of green living is being conscious of recycling and trying to do it as much as possible. While some cities and states make recycling easier than others, the little effort that it requires can be incredibly beneficial to our environment. You’d be surprised by how often you see people simply throwing away bottles and cans when recycling receptacles are completely accessible. When cleaning up your home this spring and getting rid of waste, make sure to be conscious of what you’re throwing away and what is recyclable. Whether you’re checking to see which number is on the bottom of the item in question or making sure that you’re separating the materials that need to be separated, being conscious of recycling when cleaning your home this spring is another way to be green and efficient.

All Natural Bodycare Products 

Those are two examples of ways that you can be green when cleaning your home this spring. Obviously there are a plethora of other ways to live green, and at Green Tidings, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for aluminum-free deodorant, green body care products or  all-natural lip balms, Green Tidings works hard to provide you with the best in high-quality and all-natural body care products. We will continue this in part two of our blog series, but until then, to learn more about our environmentally friendly body care products, get in touch with us today!

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