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Green Spring Cleaning Tips, Part Two

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In part one of our blog series, we talked a bit about things that you can do to make spring cleaning more green this season. Wrapping up in part two, here are a few more helpful tips to help you be more environmentally friendly in your spring cleaning pursuits.

Donate Unwanted Goods

When it comes to spring cleaning, one of the best things to do is go through your belongings and de-clutter. While many people are so concerned about ridding themselves of unwanted goods that they simply throw a majority of their unwanted goods away, this all ends up in a landfill and creates even more waste. While it’s good to go through what you own and determine what is of value to you and what you no longer need, what’s useless to you may be of value to another person. With this in mind, before you think about throwing things away, think about donating them.

Thrift stores almost always have some sort of charity in which they are connected to, and supporting their store supports that charity. Additionally, they are providing a resource to people who may not be able to afford to shop in more expensive stores, so the items that you donate to them are directly going towards helping those who shop there. Additionally, there are likely many homeless and women’s shelters in your area that are always accepting donations. Choosing to donate your unwanted goods before simply throwing them away is not only cutting down on the amount of waste you create, it also helps others in need.

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

In a previous blog post, we talked about the many benefits of using natural cleaning products in your home. Many people have been fooled into believing that the only way one can achieve a truly clean home is by using cleaning products that are filled with harsh chemicals. While this is not only untrue, using these kinds of cleaners in your home can sometimes cause more harm than good. All the harsh chemicals contained in these sprays and scrubs can get released into your home’s air supply, effectively finding their way into the same air that you and your family breathes. Needless to say, the last thing that you want is to make an unsafe and harmful environment for your family, and this is why natural cleaning products are a fantastic and effective alternative to using harmful and harsh chemical-based ones in your home.

But for those of you who want to become even more green, making your own cleaning products are a fantastic way to do so. Store bought natural cleaning products are a great way to introduce yourself to the level of cleanliness and quality that they can provide you with, but making your own is quite simple and can be incredibly rewarding. Things like vinegar, lemon, salt, baking soda, borax and essential oils are all incredibly effective ways to keep your home clean, without the use of harsh synthetic chemicals. Many different recipes can be found online, and you can buy your own spray bottles to reuse once you run out. Best of all, they’ll keep your home looking and smelling great, at a fraction of the cost and in a way that is far friendlier towards the environment.

Buy All Natural Body Care Products

And there you have it-a few more tips to help you make the spring cleaning process green this season! We love sharing tips for green living with you, but here at Green Tidings, we continue to also provide you with the best in all natural body care products. Whether you’re looking for cruelty-free lip balm, all-natural deodorant, body oils or otherwise, Green Tidings has something for everyone that’s looking for natural body care products. Shop today and receive free shipping on your entire order!

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