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Green Tidings All Natural Lip Balm

At Green Tidings, we manufacture high-quality, all-natural deodorant, lip balms, body oils and body care products that promote green living. All of our products are completely vegan, all natural, non toxic, made with organic ingredients and cruelty free. All of our components are made in the USA in a solar-powered facility, and our products are packaged by a non profit that provides gainful employment to people with disabilities. When you buy products from Green Tidings, you are not only providing yourself with fantastic personal care products, you are also choosing to make a difference by supporting a family owned business who is committed to promoting green and environmentally friendly living.

One of the many products we manufacture is an all-natural lip balm. Unlike those offered by other companies, ours is a completely natural but just as effective. In this blog, we’ve decided to focus on our lip balm, and more importantly, a small handful of occasions that you can purchase it. Let’s not waste any time and get right into it!

For Your First Time Going Natural

While many of us have used a wide variety of lip balms over the years, many people still rely on non-natural options that are filled with chemicals that are both harmful to us as well as animals. With that in mind, choosing Green Tidings’ All Natural Lip Balm as your introduction to natural products is a fantastic decision. Yes, it will do a fantastic job of moisturizing your lips, but that’s not all – it also serves as an excellent cuticle balm! All that for the incredibly affordable price of $6.99 a tube, you’ve got yourself a high-quality, all-natural and multipurpose lip balm that will make a perfect addition to your medicine cabinet, bag or pocket.

For The Car

For all of those times that you’re in the car and wished that you had a tube of lip balm within reach, do yourself a favor and purchase a tube of Green Tidings’ All Natural Lip Balm. Not only will it be convenient and easy to use, but you won’t have to put yourself at risk of trying to find it in your bag or purse, nor will you ever spend another car ride with cracked and dry lips. Did you forget your balm in another coat or another bag? Fear not, as you will now have it in your car, ready to hydrate and bring your lips back to life.

For Emergencies

Did you sadly misplace your tube of Green Tidings’ All Natural Lip Balm? Perhaps you dropped it and had to discard it? Or maybe you just ran out before picking up another tube? Whatever the case may be, accidents happen and we all forget to restock on our favorite beauty supplies. By buying an emergency or backup tube, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you’ll never run out of all natural lip balm, nor will your lips go neglected. Both your future self and your lips will thank you for planning ahead and thinking wisely.

To Convince A Friend

While all-natural beauty products are slowly becoming more and more prevalent amongst users, many people still need to be convinced by their effectiveness. What better way to convince a friend of the quality and effectiveness of our fantastic all-natural lip balm than by simply buying them a tube? There’s no better way for them to see their effectiveness than to actually put it to use, and by being given it as a gift, they have no excuse but to give it a shot. Besides, we know they’ll be amazed by both the performance and quality of our all natural lip balm.

Those are just a few different reasons for you to pick up a tube of Green Tidings’ All Natural Lip Balm. Whether for yourself or a friend, our all-natural lip balm is a fantastic way to keep your lips soft moisturized. At Green Tidings, providing our customers with the highest quality deodorants, lip balms, body oils and body care products. All of our products are completely natural and cruelty free, and we are committed to providing our customers with the absolute best customer service. To learn more about our products and brand, contact Green Tidings today!

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