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Herbal Remedies for Children

Herbal Remedies for Children  

Guest Post by Western Botanicals

Herbal treatments for children are often an inexpensive and safe way to treat colds, flu, fever, and other common illnesses. In fact, natural remedies are in many ways preferable to their manufactured counterparts as they are often gentler on the body and when correctly used, much more effective.

Children's bodies are far more sensitive to herbs than adults, and they also respond much more quickly to them. With some brief study of herbal use, parents can safely and effectively treat their children's basic sicknesses and discomforts. Western Botanicals' Herbal First Aid List contains a comprehensive list of herbs that can be used to treat infection, sickness, and injury. All of these herbs can be purchased rather inexpensively from the website, as well as numerous other herbs and herbal extracts.

Some of the most commonly used herbs in treating sick children are:

Echinacea - Strengthens the immune system and fight off colds and the flu. Studies have shown mixed results, but generally agree that echinacea is not effective in children under the age of 12. Over the age of 12, dosages should be around 300 mg per day.

Chamomile - Anti-inflammatory, settles the nervous system, promotes digestion, and has a calming effect. Traditionally seen as most effective when used in tea. If your child has ragweed allergies, avoid chamomile until you talk to a doctor about your child’s allergies.

Mullein flower - Treats bronchial congestion and ear aches. Mullein, like chamomile, is best used as a mild tea once a day for children.

Fennel - Antacid and digestive aid. Fennel can be used in tea or soup. If given with oral tablets, 150-200 mg per day is recommended for children.

Licorice - Treats bronchial congestion, sore throat, cough, and inflammation of digestive tract. Licorice root can be taken orally or used to flavor tea. Exercise moderation with licorice, no more than 4-5 mg per day for children.

Slippery elm - Treats inflammation, burns, and digestive problems. Slippery elm can be used in tea, but generally you should consult a doctor. Dosage for children is based on weight.

Lemon Balm - Calming topical antiviral (for cold sores), antiseptic, and can be used as a mild sedative. Use a few drops for topical treatment. Otherwise, consult your doctor.

Nettle - Rich in vitamins and minerals (Calcium and Iron). Nettle can be used as tea, or taken in tablets, up to 300 mg per day.

With proper use of herbal remedies, colds and the flu can be treated quickly and effectively. Natural remedies for use by children are a safe and easy way to treat common illnesses and discomforts, and as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, they do not leave behind harmful chemicals and subsidiary ingredients that linger in body.

Please note:  This does not constitute medical advice.  This is for educational purposes only.  Please speak with your medical provider before consuming any herbs or supplements.

About the Author:  Western Botanicals is local herbal and natural remedy supply company based in Utah. Started by a group of health minded individuals and licensed healthcare professionals, the company has been in business for more than 15 years. Our goal is to establish an herbalist in every home. Staying healthy with natures help is not a mystery, and we strive to be a source of knowledge to the community.

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