Introducing Friends to Green Living, Part Two

In part one of our blog series, we looked at a handful of ways that you can impress and change the mind of a skeptical friend or relative. Wrapping things up in part two, here are a few more ways that you can introduce someone into the world of green living.

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Cook Them a Plant Based Meal

Plenty of us have the friend or relative that’s incredibly skeptical of plant based diets. We’ve all had the question thrown at us “So what can you even eat”, only to offer an answer that’s way more extensive than what the person was anticipating. Here and now, living green and enjoying a plant based diet is easier than ever, and the things that can be done in a kitchen without the use of any animal products is truly astonishing (and not to mention delicious!). Another great way to turn on a skeptical friend to plant-based living is to invite them over for dinner and cook them a meal that’s entirely plant-based. Perhaps for the sake of having them keep an open mind, don’t mention this ahead of time. Find a recipe that’s delicious and universal but also plant-based. Invite them over for dinner, cook them a delicious plant-based meal and watch their mind change when you reveal that the entire meal was prepared without the use of any animal products. They’ll think back on how delicious the meal was and realize that perhaps they had misjudged both you and your lifestyle, and this may very well open up a door for them in relation to practicing a more green lifestyle. Food is one of the many ways that people can come together and bond, and by enjoying a delicious plant-based meal together, you could help this person completely transform their lifestyle.

Go Thrifting or Antiquing

One of the things that we’ve discussed a fair amount in our blog is the benefits of thrifting. If you’re big on sustainable living, you know of the many benefits that come from buying things second hand. Not only does it cut down on waste, you’re also supporting worthy causes that help a variety of people in need. Beyond that, we all know that items manufactured 30+ years years ago have a tendency to be made in a way that’s allowed them to still look great all these decades later. If you have a friend that’s looking to go furniture shopping, challenge them by saying that you’ll go to a new furniture store as well as a few thrift and antique stores. Comparing items from both, if the person is looking for a quality piece for their home, they’ll likely be impressed by both the quality and price of the older items. While this may be easier for someone who’s more into vintage-styled items, you have a pretty good chance of opening up their eyes to the benefits of buying second-hand.

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