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More Ways to Live Green

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Green living is always a main topic of discussion here at Green Tidings. Here are a few more tips to help you live a greener lifestyle.

Electronic Payments

From your credit card bill to internet, cable, and other monthly expenses, the amount of payments that you make throughout the course of a month can add up quickly. Keeping these in mind, think about how many of those bills you receive physically in the mail each month. While there once was a time when bills required us to pay them in a physical sense, modern technology has allowed us to pay for a variety of things electronically, bills included. By opting out of having bills mailed to your home in favor of electronic payments, you’ll be cutting down on the amount of waste you create and receive each month, and the process of paying them will be instantaneous!

Use Your Dishwasher

While some may think that dishwashers are far less environmentally friendly than washing dishes by hand, think again. Studies show that dishwashers use nearly half the energy, less soap and a fraction of the water than washing dishes by hand. If you live in a home or apartment with a dishwasher, just be sure to run it full so as to clean as many dishes as possible and running as few loads as possible. Not only is this practice more green and eco-friendly, it’s also easier on you. No longer will you have to spend time each night washing dishes, scrubbing out stains by hand. You’ll get cleaner dishes and more free time while being more eco-friendly!

Use Glass Containers for Food

In a previous blog post, we talked about the importance of leftovers and ways that you can repurpose them throughout your week. Using leftovers is key, but the way that you choose to store and reheat them is equally as important. While plastic containers are convenient and inexpensive, they usually end up having to be replaced far more often than other options. Additionally, some plastic containers have been known to contain BPA, a chemical that may possibly be harmful for human ingestion. Buying glass containers for food storage and reheating is your best option for a variety of reasons. For one, glass containers last considerably longer than plastic containers, and are easier to clean. Think of all the time that you’ve spent trying to scrub stains out of plastic containers, as well as all the plastic containers you own that are forever stained with pasta sauce, fruit and other hard-to-remove stains. Because the containers are made from different types of material, plastics end up soaking in more stains than glass, resulting in a mess that is harder to clean. Secondly, glass containers last longer than plastic containers. Because of the fact that we tend to us these containers as regularly as our dishes and cutlery, both microwaving and washing plastic containers often contribute to them eventually breaking down more quickly. By comparison, glass containers last far longer, and as long as we’re careful while handling them, they can last us for years to come.

Wash Clothes in Cold Water

While you may have seen a few features about this in recent years, it’s true — washing clothes in cold water can be just as efficient as washing them in hot water. So how does this contribute to being more green? Studies show that a majority of the energy your washing machine uses comes from heating the water for each cycle. Newer washing machines as well as developments in detergent efficiency are now catered towards cold washing, meaning that your clothes will be just as clean in cold water and consume far less energy in the process.

Those are just a few more tips on how you can be more environmentally friendly in your everyday life. At Green Tidings, we love to provide our customers with tips like this, encouraging you to be friendlier towards our environment. What we do best, though, is provide you with the best in all-natural body care products. Whether you’re looking for all-natural, aluminum-free deodorants, vegan lip balms, or all-natural moisturizers, we have an array of products to help you live a natural lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more about our all natural body care products.

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