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Natural Winter Skincare Tips

Green Tidings is happy to provide you with the absolute best in all natural body care products. From our high quality moisturizers to all natural deodorants and our fantastic lip balm, we are committed to providing our customers with the absolute best in body care products without the use of harsh chemicals. For more information about our all natural body care products, contact Green Tidings today!

With the colder months right around the corner, for some of us that means dry skin. Itchy and dry skin is one of the most inconvenient things about cold and dry winter weather, and while there are a wide variety of products on the market to help offset this discomfort, there are many ways to treat dry skin that is all natural, eco friendly and better for your body overall. In this blog, we will look at a small handful of ways that you can help treat dry skin this winter. Let’s jump right in!

Increase Your Water Intake

One of the best ways to prevent your skin from drying up this winter is quite simple-drink more water! One of the reasons why your skin becomes more dry during the winter has to do with your body’s overall hydration level, and dry skin occurs partially because of your body being dehydrated. Drinking the suggested eight glasses a day can help you prevent some of the dry and itchy discomfort that comes with cold and frigid temperatures of winter. Additionally, ensuring that your body is hydrated comes with a plethora of other benefits, ranging from better digestion, boosting your immune system, and preventing cramps, among other things.

Run A Humidifier In Your Home

Somewhat tied to your water intake, another great way to offset the uncomfortable effects of dry skin in winter is to run a humidifier in your home. It’s especially helpful to run one in your bedroom at night while you sleep, as it your skin does the most healing and rejuvenation while you rest up from a long day. This increase in humidity will be absorbed into your skin and you’ll notice a near immediate difference in your skin’s overall smoothness and moisture level.

Turn Down the Showers

We understand how comforting it is to take a hot shower in the winter, but think again, as this temporary source of comfort is actually causing you more trouble than good. While it may feel good at the time, showering in excessively hot water actually aids in the overall drying of your skin, as it removes oils from the skin. The fewer natural oils in your skin, the drier it will be overall. While we’re not suggesting that you shower in cold water, compromising by showering in warm water as opposed to hot water can do wonders for your skin. Additionally, our Virgin Coconut Sugar Scrub is a great way to exfoliate all your dead skin in the shower while also moisturizing, making your skin feel super soft. Exfoliating while in the shower is a great way to prepare your skin to moisturize afterwards, as well.

Furthermore, its always a good idea to cut down on the amount of time you spend in the shower, as it cuts down on water consumption. At Green Tidings, we firmly believe in treating our planet with the utmost care and respect, so anything that we can do in our day to day routine to satisfy this goal is always a plus.

Moisturize Often!

Finally, a simple and easy way to combat dry skin in winter is to moisturize! Lucky for you, Green Tidings offers a variety of all natural body care products that can keep your skin looking and feeling great in winter. Our whipped mango body butter is a tropical and fantastic way to nourish your skin during the harsh winter months. It’s specially designed for sensitive areas like dry lips, cuticles, or any place on the body that needs extra moisturization. Best of all, all you need is a little bit, as our whipped mango body butter is ultra concentrated. Our rescue balm is a great way to treat your body well this winter and is specifically designed for rough, dry and irritated skin. It’s safe for people of all ages, meaning it will work as well on your children as it will on you! This product is also ultra concentrated, so you only need a little bit to provide your body with all-natural and ultra comfortable moisture.

Those are just a few ways that you can help combat the discomfort of dry skin in the winter. At Green Tidings, we are happy to provide you with all natural body care products, and we are proud to do so in a way that is both ethical and eco friendly. Contact us today for more information about our all natural body care products.

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