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Raising Environmentally Conscious Kids, Part One

Green Tidings is committed to providing you with the absolute best in all-natural body and skincare products. From deodorants to lip balms to body oils, we pride ourselves on providing you with products that are not only environmentally friendly, but also safe and free of unnatural additives. Manufacturing all-natural, vegan and gluten free body and skincare products is our way of promoting healthy and green living, and we are proud to help you do the same in your everyday life. To learn more about our all-natural body care products, contact us today!

While some people grow up with the understanding and knowledge of environmental consciousness, others aren’t quite as fortunate. In part one of this blog series, we will look at a few things that you can do to help raise environmentally conscious kids.

Family Bike Rides

Learning how to ride a bike is one of the most quintessential elements of childhood. While some kids spend their days riding their bikes alone in the driveway or around the neighborhood, one great way to raise environmentally conscious kids is to make a habit of going on family bike rides when the weather permits it. This is helpful for a few reasons. For one, it encourages your kids to spend more time in the great outdoors. By going outside a few times a week and exploring the beauty of nature around them, they will not only develop an appreciation for the environment and all of its gorgeous splendor, but they will also realize the fact that nature is something much larger than they are. Being able to see beautiful trees, greenery, and plantation around your neighborhood will help them develop a love and appreciation for nature from a young age, something that can very easily stay with them as they grow into adolescents and adults. Additionally, going on family bike rides can help them see that you don’t necessarily need to rely on cars and public transportation to get from one place to another. When you’re younger, your bike is truly your only means of transportation outside of getting a ride from mom or dad, and in many cases, once they become old enough to get their driver’s license, many kids have a tendency to leave biking behind forever. By helping them see that bikes are a completely legitimate means of transportation for people of all ages, it’s entirely possible that they will want to continue riding a bike even after they get their driver’s license.

By going on bike rides as a family, you will be able to show your kids not only the environment in which they live in, but you’ll also be able to show them how choosing to ride a bicycle is one of many things that they can do to be friendlier towards the environment.


Recycling is arguably one of the easiest ways to be friendlier towards the environment, but many kids grow up not making a habit of it. Granted, some cities and states make it easier for people to recycle at home, but the act of recycling is as easy as separating recyclables from trash. With this in mind, once your children are old enough to understand how to throw things away, start to educate them on what sort of things can be thrown out and what things can be recycled. Once they develop a habit of this, not recycling will feel strange to them, and they’ll likely start to share their newfound habits with their friends.

Those are just two things that you can do to raise environmentally conscious children. At Green Tidings, it is our goal to treat the environment with love and respect, and we are able to carry out our mission through our all-natural body care products. We will continue this in part two of our blog series, but until then, for all of your natural body and skincare needs, shop Green Tidings.

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