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Raising Environmentally Conscious Kids, Part Two

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In part one of our blog series, we looked at a few things that you can do to raise environmentally conscious children. Concluding in part two, here are a few more things that you can do to ensure that your children grow up loving and respecting our wonderful planet as much as you do.

Develop Good Habits
In our previous post, we talked about how going on family bike rides can help your children gain a better understanding of the environment, and how recycling  can help them understand the direct connection between the decisions they make and how they affect the environment. Moving further in this direction, helping your child develop environmentally friendly habits is another great way to encourage your children to practice more environmentally friendly behavior at home. Many kids develop habits as they’re young that are harmful to the environment, and as they grow older, they simply grow accustomed to living this way, making those habits harder and harder to break.

One of these habits is letting the water run while brushing their teeth, washing their face, or taking excessively long showers. Now more than ever, we are living in a time where water is a scarce resource to many people across the planet. An exorbitant amount of water is wasted by people in the bathroom each year, and much of it has to do with simple practices like these.

Additionally, many people both young and old have a tendency to forget to turn off lights when they are leaving the house or exiting a room. The amount of energy that is wasted each year by leaving lights and appliances on is as astounding as the amount of water that gets wasted, but making a habit of cutting down on these kinds of instances can be an easy habit to develop. Simply tell your kids that if they don’t need it, it shouldn’t be on. This can apply to everything from turning off lights to appliances that aren’t in use. Not only will your energy bills be considerably lower, you can also take comfort in knowing that your entire family is making a conscious effort to be more environmentally conscious.

Good habits are developed like any other habit-just by growing accustomed to doing them over time. By reminding your kids to turn off the faucet when they’re brushing their teeth, or by reminding them to make a conscious effort to turn off all lights when they leave a room, they will eventually make a habit of this. Making an effort to not waste water will become the norm for them, and this is a habit that they will likely hold onto well into adulthood.

Those are just a few more examples of things that you can do to help raise children that are more environmentally conscious. Green Tidings makes an effort to promote the better treatment of our environment and eco-friendly living, and we do our part by providing you with high quality all-natural body care products. Whether you’re looking for all-natural deodorants, lip balms, body lotions or otherwise, Green Tidings features a wide variety of all-natural body care products to help you treat both yourself and the environment with more love and respect. To learn more about our all-natural body care products, contact Green Tidings today.
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