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Summer Tips For Green Living, Part Two

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BBQs are a fun time to gather with friends and family, and one of the best parts of summer no doubt. Whether you’re spending time with coworkers, enjoying a family reunion or just in the mood to grill, firing up the grill is something that happens often during the summer months. With this in mind, concluding our blog series, we’ll look at a few ways that you can be more green this summer at your next BBQ!

Avoid Plastic Plates and Utensils

When entertaining large amounts of people, however, many people fail to stop and think about how much waste is created in just a few hours of gathering and dining. While many people choose to accommodate the needs of a larger crowd by using plastic plates and utensils, think about the impact that this can have on the environment. With all of those plates, cups and utensils going directly into the garbage, using plastic products like this is only creating more waste in our world. Thankfully, there are other options that are far more environmentally friendly.

If you’re not entertaining too large of a crowd and are simply grilling out in your own backyard, you can simply use your own plates and utensils. Not only will this cost you far less than buying plastic products, but you’ll be creating considerably less waste by doing so. If you’re entertaining a larger amount of people, however, obtaining a large amount of plates and utensils will be necessary. With this in mind, using biodegradable plates and utensils is a great way to accommodate the needs of a larger crowd while cutting down on the amount of waste that you create. If you can’t find biodegradable plates and utensils, you can at the very least find ones that were made from recycled materials. Every little bit helps!

Go Veggie!

Studies show that plant-based and vegetarian diets are considerably more environmentally friendly than diets that include meat and other animal products. This is something that we’ve discussed quite extensively here, and while we won’t get into more detail in relation to it, having a largely (or entirely) plant-based barbecue is a great way to practice green living this summer. We understand that not everyone feels comfortable enjoy foods that are entirely plant-based, but by providing your guests with the option, you may be surprised at their willingness to try new things. Plus, with plant-based diets being more prevalent now than ever, there’s a good chance that you’ll have a few guests that will appreciate your consideration for their dietary choices. For those of your guests who do eat meat, you may as well treat them to higher quality products. Getting organic and sustainably raised meats from your deli or grocery store is far more environmentally friendly than buying lower-grade mass produced meat products. No matter what your diet your guests’ subscribe to, you’ll be providing everyone with the highest quality foods available, making for an incredibly delicious BBQ!

Encourage Recycling

In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed recycling and how its one of the easiest ways to practice a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Regardless, you’d be surprised by how many people still throw away recyclables. In many cases, people will recycle if doing so is convenient for them. With the amount of soda, beer and other beverages that get consumed at BBQs, the amount of potential waste that these containers can create is considerable. Because of this, make sure that you make recycling receptacles easily accessible for your guests. It’s as simple as making sure that the receptacles are clearly labeled and in an easy to find place. When the BBQ is over, you’ll be surprised by the amount of cans and bottles that you’ve collected, but you can take comfort in knowing that they’ll all be recycled.

Buy All Natural Body Care Products

There you go, just a handful of tips to help make your BBQs more green this summer. Whether you’re hosting a BBQ at your home or attending one at a friend or relative’s place, being more environmentally friendly at BBQs this summer can go a long way in cutting down on waste and being friendlier to our planet overall. We love providing our customers with helpful tips like these, but we also love providing you with all natural body care products to help promote green lifestyles. Whether you’re looking for aluminum-free deodorants, all natural lip balms or cruelty-free moisturizers, Green Tidings has a variety of natural body care products that are sure to please even the pickiest of tastes. To find out more about our natural body care products, get in touch with us today!

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