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The Benefits of Coconut Oil

At Green Tidings, we are committed to providing our clients with top-tier beauty and skincare products that are completely natural, free of harsh chemicals, and artificial additives. Our products are made in America, gluten-free, and even manufactured in a solar-powered facility. Making products that are friendly to our environment is of the utmost importance to us, and we aim to do this while still providing you with products of the best quality. For more information about our products, visit Green Tidings today!

More and more people are beginning to see that beauty products do not need to contain harsh chemicals and additives, and one of the most versatile and best products out there in terms of beauty, skincare, and more is coconut oil. No longer just for food, the benefits of coconut oil are numerous, and in this blog, we will look at just a few benefits that coconut oil can provide you with.

Hair Care

Are you prone to a dry scalp or hair in need of hydration? While in the past, many of us have resorted to using artificially manufactured conditioners filled with harsh chemicals and additives, many other cultures have used coconut oil for centuries to achieve the same results, albeit completely naturally. You can make your own haircare products at home with coconut oil as the main ingredient. Quite simply, though, you can apply it to your hair like you would with any other hair product, as the oil becomes far more manageable by simply being warmed in the palm of your hand. Using coconut oil in your hair can repair damaged hair, aid in hair growth, and best of all, give your hair a natural and gorgeous shine.


Struggling with digestive issues is something that many people deal with on a daily basis. While many of us choose to simply deal with it, there are plenty of all-natural options to aid in the digestive process that can greatly improve or entirely remedy our digestive issues. One fantastic way to promote healthy digestive health is with coconut oil. Because of the fact that coconut oil is high in beneficial saturated fats, it promotes healthy digestion by effectively combating the sort of bacteria and parasites that can cause digestive issues. Additionally, it also helps in absorbing beneficial vitamins and nutrients, which is always beneficial.

Skin Care

Do you live in an excessively dry or cold climate and struggle with the perils of cracked, chapped skin? While plenty of artificially manufactured body lotions and moisturizers exist on the market, you can achieve the same if not better, results by simply relying on the magic of coconut oil. Similar to the benefits that it provides your hair and scalp, using coconut oil as a natural moisturizer can bring you amazing results for moisturizing your body. While the container filled with this thick concoction may seem a bit daunting, a little bit goes a long way, and, as we mentioned earlier, simply warming it between your fingers or in the palm of your hand will make it easier to distribute and massage into your skin. The result is skin that’s healthy, hydrated, and smooth as ever.

While those are far from an extensive list of the benefits that coconut oil can provide you, it should now be very apparent that coconut oil can be incredibly helpful to you as an all-natural alternative to other hair, beauty, and digestive products. No need to overthink it with artificial products, coconut oil can bring you all these benefits and more!  For the absolute best in all natural beauty and skincare products, look no further than Green Tidings. For more information about our products, contact us today!

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