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Three Ways to Go Non-Toxic that You're Probably Overlooking

If you’re interested in living a toxic-free lifestyle, there might be a few products you’ve ignored or overlooked in your quest for a healthier life. In this blog, we’ll discuss three different products that are important to switch out for healthier and less toxic alternatives. While you may want to take better care of your body, you definitely want to smell great. If you’re searching for an alternative deodorant that absorbs odor and keeps you feeling fresh, try Green Tidings! Our all natural and organic deodorant is made only using the highest quality ingredients and BPA-free containers. Shop our website now!


Hand Sanitizer 

Overexposure to hand sanitizers can lead to bacterial resistance, which means that if you’re prescribed antibiotics for an illness, your body might not respond. Even though we use antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer to cleanse our hands of germs regularly and believe that it’s keeping us from getting sick with the latest bug or flu virus, these antibacterial ingredients can cause an opposite effect on your body.

Room/Cleaning Spray

Everyone wants their home to smell clean and refreshing. If you regularly use an air freshener, room freshening spray, or scented cleaning spray, you may want to throw out a few products from your cleaning closet. Many popular freshening, cleaning, and room sprays contain high levels of BHT, which has been categorized by some researchers as a neurotoxin, endocrine disruptor, skin, and eye irritant. Another popular ingredient is propylene glycol, known as an allergen, eye and skin toxin and irritant.


Using conventional antiperspirant clogs your sweat pores with aluminum and antibacterial agents to stop sweating and odor, but this alters your body’s physiology and can cause multiple health issues over time. Many researchers believe that the aluminum chloride in antiperspirant can cause certain forms of cancer.

Making the change to a more natural and chemical-free lifestyle is important but it can take time switch out every product in your home or bathroom. If you’re looking for an all-natural and organic deodorant made without harmful aluminum chloride or chemicals, Green Tidings has exactly what you need. Created using solar power and BPA-free packaging, Green Tidings all-natural and organic deodorant will be your new favorite skincare product! Shop our website now!

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