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Top Body Oils of 2017, Part One

No matter what time of year it is, keeping your skin properly moisturized can be a challenge. During the winter months, the lack of humidity and excess cold air can cause your skin to get dry. Throughout the summer,  your skin may be exposed to excessive sunlight, leaving your skin thirsty for hydration. While you’re probably used to using body lotion as a means of skin hydration, these creams tend to rub off relatively quickly, leaving your skin even more dry after their application. A great alternative to body lotions are body oils, and most oils on the market today are organic and free of harmful chemicals. In this blog, we’ll look at the top body oils of 2017.

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Top Organic Body Oil #1: Maracuja Oil

Maracuja oil is an organic oil that is derived from several varieties of passion fruit. The word maracuja comes from the Amazon, with the biological name Passiflora edulis. The seeds of this fruit are very rich in oil, and when properly extracted, maracuja oil is created. Maracuja oil has also been known to come from varieties of the passion flower plant as well. The most common application of the passion flower is to induce sleep and promote relaxation in people who suffer from symptoms of anxiety. There are many therapeutic properties of this unique oil, including:

  • Emollient - Maracuja oil is considered to be a great moisturizing agent for skin.
  • Anti-inflammatory - It has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body.
  • Anti-insomnia - If you have trouble sleeping at night, adding a drop of maracuja oil to your chest can help induce feelings of sleepiness.
  • Anti-itching - Maracuja oil is often used to relieve itching from bug bites.

Maracuja Oil is Great for Dry Skin

If you suffer from dry skin or eczema, adding maracuja oil to your daily skincare routine may be very beneficial for you. Before you apply this oil to your body, do a patch test on a small area of your skin. If there is no visible signs of irritation, it will be safe to apply this oil directly to your skin in an undiluted form. There’s also no greasy feeling after applying this oil to your skin, unlike most over-the-counter moisturizers.

Maracuja Oil Can Help Treat Sun-Damaged Skin

If you sit outside in the sun too long and suffer the uncomfortable side effects of a sunburn, maracuja oil can help repair your skin. When you expose your skin to bright sunlight and harmful UV radiation, it can lead to skin damage and even cancer over the course of time. Luckily, the nutrients in maracuja oil can aid in skin recovery from sun damage.

If you’re looking for organic, cold pressed maracuja oil, order Green Tidings Organic Maracuja Oil today! Our lightweight maracuja oil absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving you with soft and moisturized skin after just a few minutes.

Top Organic Body Oil #2: Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is a remarkable natural product that is derived from the seeds of rose bushes. This unique oil is full of vitamins antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that can do wonderful things for your skin and body. Beauty professionals across the globe recommend using this product for the following key benefits:

  • It’s a natural source of vitamin E. This makes rosehip oil an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant that can calm and hydrate dry and sensitive skin.
  • Rosehip oil is a natural source of essential fatty acids omega 3, 6, and 9. These fatty acids have been found to assist in the repair and regeneration of damaged skin tissue.
  • This organic oil offers you a natural source of vitamin C. Vitamin C has been known to aid in skin brightening and anti-aging properties to help improve the appearance and pigmentation of your skin.  
  • Rosehip oil is well-tolerated on several different skin types, and adding this oil to your daily skincare routine can help with skin concerns like wrinkles, scars, burns, stretch marks, pigmentation, and acne.

Rosehip Oil Is Great For Dull Hair

Is your hair looking dull and bland? If you’re looking for a creative way to reinvigorate your hair and put the shine back into your locks, rosehip oil can help. To apply this restorative oil to your hair, massage a few drops of rosehip oil in your hair before you wash it. This will help restore the color and shine of your hair in no time at all!

Make Your Skin Glow

Looking for a way to add a natural and beautiful glow to your skin? By rubbing a few drops of rosehip oil to your skin every day after you shower, it can help smooth fine lines and wrinkles on your face and body. For extra moisture, consider applying an organic moisturizer to your skin after the rosehip oil has been applied. Clinical studies have shown that most first time users notice an improvement in their skin’s texture and condition within three to six months. If you’re looking for organic, cold pressed rosehip oil, look no further than Green Tidings.  

In part two of this series, we’ll discuss a few more popular body oils of 2017. In the meantime, feel free to browse Green Tidings body oils, natural deodorants, and lip balms online!

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