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Jade Gua Sha with Velvet Carrying Pouch

Jade Gua Sha with Velvet Carrying Pouch

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What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is a practice from Traditional Chinese Medicine that involves massaging (or “scraping”) the skin with a tool, thought to help with circulation, inflammation, blood flow, lymphatic drainage, fascia break up, acupressure, and oxygenating tissue, which leads to cell repair, regeneration, and healing.  Gua sha “scraping” can be performed on the back, legs, arms, feet, face, and other non-sensitive areas.  Gua Sha helps to stimulate new blood flow, eliminate stagnation, and help cell repair and healing.

Using on Face

Using our Jade Gua Sha tool on your face with our Marula Oil Serum will increase blood flow to the skin, and can help improve your skin’s appearance by decreasing inflammation, lessening fine lines and wrinkles, brightening skin, and can help firm, and smoothe skin.  Gua Sha can also help with skin issues like eczema and psoriasis, as well as TMJ disorders.   

How to Use

Our Gua Sha tool is meant to be used with one of our oils, and for best results use with our Marula Oil Serum to help the stone glide on your face, while at the same time delivering the potent ingredients into the skin deeper and faster.  When used on the face, with light, long strokes going away from your face (see image on listing). There are also many great "how to Gua Sha" videos online.

Velvet Pouch Include

Included with your order is a velvet drawstring pouch to store your Gua Sha stone for safekeeping.

Jade Healing Properties

Jade is said to increase healing, tranquility, and protection.  It is supposed to bring friendship, soothe the mind, help dispel negative thoughts and emotions, release toxins, help bring good dreams, and brings happiness.

Please note that these are genuine Jade stones, and natural stones all vary in color and inclusions.  

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