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Natural Ways to Beat the Heat At Night

Green Tidings aims to be your go to supplier of all natural bodycare products, from all natural deodorants to vegan lip balms and beyond. We also love offering you with advice on green living, and continuing from our previous post, in this blog post we’ll discuss things you can do to stay cool during the evenings this summer! Cold Showers and Baths During the more comfortably temperate months, we usually take one shower either in the morning or at night. During times of extreme heat, however, it’s incredibly common for people to take more than one shower or bath each day, as the temperature causes us to sweat more. While sweating is inevitable in warmer temperatures, one great way to...

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Natural Ways to Beat the Heat During The Daytime

Green Tidings aims to provide you with the best in all natural bodycare products, from all natural deodorants to lip balms and more. We also are proud to offer various bits of insight on green living, and in this blog post, we’ll share a few tips of all natural things that you can do to beat the heat during the daytime. Shop today and receive free shipping on your entire order! Eat Fresh and Cool Foods At Green Tidings, our love of eating fresh is something that we’ve talked about quite extensively in our blog. While this may come as obvious to many of you, sometimes staying cool during warmer weather can come in ways that are simpler than we...

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